Wednesday 17 October 2012

The La Paz Group

No they are not foreigners, they are some (mostly) nice chaps from the North East of England who are doing some pretty exciting things.

It's pretty hard to define what kind of music LPG plays. I hate to use the phrase 'world music' but you can understand why it would appeal to that kind of 'new age' crowd. Especially when you take into consideration to use of the ultra spiritual Hang Drum and didjeridoo. To me though, La Paz take you through many corners, through their prog and jazz roots all the way through to some psyched out guitar-meistery (ala Omar Rodriguez Lopez) with some latin rhythms just for good measure. 

The only true way to get a sense of what they are doing is to listen. Which you can do at their soundcloud page, where they have some live recordings up. Whatever you do make sure you at least listen from around 17 minutes in (for what I'm almost certain is a little homage to Soft Machine and my personal favourite track)

Have you digested that? 
Okay good.

Having seen these guys play live on numerous occasions, I can tell you that they can shift through the gears much more than this slightly gainy offering they have for you. Hopefully we will hear some more material recorded away from a live scenario. 

Like their facebook page to keep up to date with all new and sometimes irrelevant info.

Personally I can't wait to see what comes next from The La Paz Group.


  1. "Personally I can't wait to see what comes next from The La Paz Group."
    I have it on good authority (from no less a character than Senor Lopez himself) that the La Paz Group have sadly, gone the way of the Norwegian Blue, so you may have to wait a while longer than perhaps you'd anticipated. Darn shame. I would have loved to hear their sound on a proper recording.