Monday 1 April 2019

March Punk and Hardcore releases

This is the stuff that caught my attention this month.
I found most of 'em all by trawling through Bandcamp
so you don't have to.

Noise rock blurring into hardcore make this a lovely
chaotic racket to listen to.

A screaming voice bursts from the speakers, telling
you that some fine post-hardcore is gonna get you
jumping up and down.

Some Polish hardcore coming your way. Dual vocals
give an interesting slant to things. Fuck knows what
they are saying but they sound pissed off.

Garage punk makes a rare appearance in my
collection but hey, I'm a sucker for shouty vocals with
surf guitar.

Punk and stoner mixed together to give you some
dirges to delight your soul.

Described as feminist punk, this evokes a feeling of
hope and fury all at once.

Punk'n'roll - speedy riffs of malice and chants.

Berlin street punks play short and sweet bursts of anger.

Punk hardcore with melody and power.

Melodic punk with kicking gang vocals.

Hardcore with hints of melody but always buried in
the ultra heavy riffs.

Support all these bands - all available from Bandcamp
 - many as Name Your Own price.