Sunday 7 June 2020

The Mighty Ur - Take It On The Chin

Noise Rock as a political weapon and raising awareness while
rocking like a bastard has always been the main thrust of this
band of trouble makers and I am glad to see that with this new album 
all the shit going on with this country has not escaped their aim.

Because I am an old bastard, I was raised on punk bands talking
about social change, personal politics, government policies etc
and can only be amazed at how the climate today, so ripe for
protest, seems to have a very small impact on the song writers
that inhabit this underground world where our music lives.

The Mighty Ur have really found their own sound with this album. Sure,
we still have the loud/quiet passages with plenty of throbbing bass but
now the guys have upped the dynamics to include picked guitar
breakdowns, spoken vocals which croon menaced threats, bursts of drone
and the master stroke of muted electronic swirls and keyboards 
which adds an air of loneliness and loss to the atmospherics.