Thursday 18 February 2021

Nonagon - They Birds

Punk and noise-rock rarely sound as fucked up and beautiful
at the same time as this. Claustrophobic tension abounds on these
dark tracks of twisted mayhem which are solid with the weight of
delicate intensity that confronts the listener.

Song templates are ripped apart as the riffs thunder across expectations,
giving the impression of an out-of-control muscle car plowing through
a crowd of innocent bystanders. Nonagon are quite clearly doing
their own thing without any genre restrictions holding them back.

This is a chaotic but thoughtful noise being pulled together to give
the tracks their own identity - something sometimes missing from
other bands. There is a sparseness in some of the song arrangements
that give some breathing space which are helped by cleanish guitars
that slash and burn their way through the more melodic passages
lodging in your head.

Out on March 3rd.

Monday 15 February 2021

The Good Shit - 15th Feb 2021

 This is the music that has been making me jump 

up and down and bang my head.

Psychedelic fuzz rock coming from the heart of the desert. 
Jessica A.M. sings with with a hint of sleaze and danger.

Released on March 12th.

    Post-punk, shuddering and angular - intelligent lyrics that 

the music punctuates with sharp jabs to the ears.

Cult of Luna do what they do and do it well. You either dig this 

or ya don't. Me? I dig this big time.

Old school street punk. 3 chords and a heart of hate drive these
guys to go for the throat and take no prisoners.