Monday 16 June 2014

Electric Citizen - Sateen

Electric Citizen are a rock band first and foremost. 

Early Pentagram is evident in some of the song compositions but this 
is over-shadowed by the heavy fuzzed, psych rock action that fuel these 
modern retro rockers.

Laura Dolan sings clear and loud with melodic bite and before 
long, Sabbath meets early Heart springs to mind. With none of
the Occult/Hammer overtones that seem to be the template for a lot
retro '70's bands, Electric Citizen instead have produced an album
full of authentic grooves and quick fire rockers that make me want
to dig out some flares and show the world how real air guitar is 

For a first album, this shows a band with tunnel vision when it comes
to getting their raw sound out to the world. Coming out on July 1st,
this is going to feature heavily in my summer soundtrack.

Play the track below and feel the love.

Get from RidingEasy Records


Thanks to Richard from Sheltered Life for sending this to me.

Archiv Hate - Issue No 10

Time once again to expand your mind as the
best looking and interesting web 'zine celebrates
issue no 10.

Long awaited Archiv Hate zine series #X. Great people have 
joined us, some of these words you will hear for the first time. 
Enjoy the interview with Topon Das of amazing Fuck The Facts 
& Merdarahta. Cover art is made by Dawid Schindler of Wroclaw 
based hardcore/ punk quartet Torn Shore. Latvian guy Jānis 
Kuzminskis shares details on building AttAck guitars. 
Danial Gambler is soaking hands deep in blood to deliver 
craziest stories on album reviews. Arturs Vilmanis did his first 
ever review on Maxime Taccardi OMM (one man metal)
 project K.F.R - كافر. Excellent chat with graphic designer 
Olaf Schindler, read every single word he says! 
Morgan Gleave sharing story of The Baba Yaga, a mythical 
female figure from Russian folklore. And big horns up goes 
to Michael Rekevics of Vilkacis!

It is free, which is amazing for this piece of on-line music/art
project. If you have not given it a go before, be brave now!

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Black Majik Acid gig

Music fiends and earhole abusers - the very fine and quite
possibly unhinged unit known as Black Majik Acid are
playing with a slew of other like minded beat combos.

If you live in the Sacramento area, go fucking see them.

Long live the underground.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Fucked Up - Glass Boys

Fucked Up are a punk band.

But how do you remain a punk band when you’re on 
magazine covers, or sharing stadium stages with the Foo Fighters?

Those are the questions that Fucked Up asks on “Glass Boys.” 
And they ask those questions in the form of a blazing, titanic, 
ultimately triumphant rock album. 

Their last album, “David Comes To Life” was a double LP 
with a sprawling collection of tracks and ambition. This time around, 
ten tracks manage to convey how others and indeed themselves deal with 
the perception of fame. As always, there is a depth of layers to the 
sonic barrage that will bear repeated listens.

Dense, heavy guitars drive these tracks along with controlled 
feedback and a vortex of sonic savagery but with the melodic 
arrangements turned up to “epic”, you have the paradox that is 
Fucked Up - brutal, searing riffs that have the power to uplift the 
spirit with song passages of tuneful grace and surging 
chorus structures.

“Pink Eyes” still sings like this will be his last chance to 
communicate with the world before his head explodes with his 
passion and commitment. This album will be in my best of the year list. 
Highly recommended.

Get from Matador Records Here


Monday 2 June 2014

Posts still slow

Still job hunting, still running around
trying to sort things out. 

I will post when I can but hopefully will soon be able to fill your 
empty lives with my wise words and wisdom.