Monday 31 January 2011

Blackhole - Dead Hearts 2009

(Re-post 4 of 5)

Hardcore from last year. Often overlooked as just the brother
of the singer in Gallows, this debut album is a fantastic, headlong
rush of spat out vocals, meaty tunes with wonderful guitar riffage
that at times reminds me of the quicksilver lines that Brian James
used on the 1st Damned album.

As Richard Carter shreds his vocal chords on yet another explosive tune,
you start to wonder if this time next year, Gallows will have a fight on
their hands for the British hardcore crown.

January Music

Gonna try something new.

At the end of each month I shall make a list
of the new albums (or albums that I have just heard)
that have made me jump up and down the most.

And because I am such a great host, I shall put a
track from each release onto a compilation, so
you too can enjoy - or not - the music I have
been enjoying.

Here goes: (in no particular order)

White Drugs - Gold Magic (hardcore/noise rock)
Mudy on the Sakabum - Pavilion (post rock instrumental)
Heinali & Matt Finney - Conjoined (doom prog?)
Ihsahn - After (post black metal prog)
Earth - Angels of Darkness (stoner drone)
Kvelertak - S/T (hardcore)
Let Live - Past History (hardcore)
Tusk - The Resisting Dreamer (post metal with noise & drone)
La Dispute - New Storms (hardcore)
Karysun - Until the End (post metal)
Black Sea - Somethings Cannot be Mirrored (post metal)
Home - S/T (hardcore sludge)
The Chariot - Long Live (hardcore)
413 - Path to Hocma (prog hardcore?)

Friday 28 January 2011

Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material (1979)

A full throttled debut from the Belfast boys that
seemed to come from nowhere and kick you in
the face.

Beefy distorted guitars and and a pounding rhythm
section that sounded like Motorhead crashed out
of your speakers.

Throat shredding vocals that were so tuneful but
at the same time full of passion and did not sound
out of place with slightly poppier material.

With the exception of The Pistols, this made some
of the more established punk bands of the day seem
slow, tinny sounding and rather tame.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Black Sea - Somethings Cannot Be Mirrored (2010)

Post-metal from Brazil and once again, Black Sea
have produced a monument to heaviness.

The Cult of Luna seem to be quiet at the moment
and it has been up to bands like Mouth of the Architects,
Kongh or General Lee to set the standards.

But now, emerging as genuine contenders, Black Sea
(and Alaskan) are producing great works that I rate
up there with the big boys. Just as post-metal seems
to becoming stagnant or songs are produced with a
template that consists of loud/quiet, this has enough
small flourishes to stand out as something a bit

If you have any interest in any of the above bands,
give this a - Listen.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

250 posts

Well, here we are - 250 posts. What a journey it
has been for us all!

We've cried together when rapidshare lost all the links.

We've high fived together when I realised how long
those you-tube links take to load on.

And how we laughed when Goijira made me take
down the link - and then the picture - and then
even the review!

I have been saddened to find out that some of
you have looked at other blogs - so much for
being faithfull. Well, if you must know I have
written reviews for other people and I did not
even tell you! Ha!

Lets not fight - let us celebrate these posts
with some wonderful gifts for you - my faithful
download monkeys.

First off - A collection of out-takes that never
made it onto the 1st Stooges album. For the most
part, the songs sound pretty much the same with
some different vocal inflections from Iggy but
the real joy are the extra long guitar solos from the
sadly missed Ron Asheton - Listen

And for those of you who are mentally ill and do
not like The Stooges - get down with the soundtrack
to the John Carpenter film "The Thing" by the oh, so
cool Ennio Morrcione - Listen

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (1971)

George Clinton lets loose with this slab of funk.

Mixing soul and heavy rock with funky grooves
that drop in bits of jarring psychedelia, this is
rightly hailed as a classic release by Funkadelic.

It starts off with a Hendrix style, 10 minute burst
of slow wah-wah soloing before launching into
the rest of the tracks.

Playing this mish-mash of styles with hard rock
elements creeping in and out, you can hear future
echoes of Prince and Primal Scream.

Monday 24 January 2011

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Blood & Fire (2010)

After the limp, tired 2nd album that was "The
Royal Society" I kinda gave up on this lot.

2002 brought us the debut "Horse of the Dog"
and it was great - full of piss and spite that bounced
along with a psychotic rock-a-billy swagger that
mixed up the Stooges and punk.

This is a return to form. Stomping rhythms with
a heavy groove set the scene while the vocals veer
between a sneer and shout to give you an album
that at last almost follows up "Horse of the Dog'.

Friday 21 January 2011

Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift

Before the Jesus Lizard, David Yow & David Sims
were in Scratch Acid, thrashing out highly original
and frenzied post-punk/noise rock.

Compiling of 2 EPs and their only full length album
"Just Keep Eating", this collection showcases
pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and scatter-
shot guitar riffs alongside of Yows impassioned
vocals and quite bizarre lyrics.

Like an American Birthday Party, Scratch Acid play
a combination of punk, blues, rock'n'roll but with
a bleakness + almost out of control intensity that
would become known as noise-rock.

If you are into this sort of stuff but have never heard

Thursday 20 January 2011

Supercontinent - Vaalbara (2008)

Repost 3 of 5 ...... hee, hee - tiny text and crappy info!

Released in 2008, this album was described as


Members from various bands came together and like the

supergroup Shrinebuilder, an almighty rumbling emerged

like mountains collapsing - skull crushing sludge like early

Isis or Cult of Luna.

Matt West - bass (Incisor (US), Marburg)

Chris Plumb - guitar/vocals

Justin Bean - drums (Incisor (US))

Matt Gauntlett - guitar/vocals (Incisor (US))

Adam Tatro - auxiliary instruments

David Lock - guitar (The Black Dahlia Murder)


The Young Gods - L'Eau Rouge (1989)

2nd album from the Swiss mavericks.

With vocals sung in their mother tongue and
sounding like a very sinister Tom Waits, they
used sampled heavy guitars, speech, strings and
all manner of electronics which 22 years ago
sounded ahead of it's time and to be honest, this
still sounds fresh.

Bursts of noise give way to floating keyboards
before hitting you with monster riffs.

If Bladerunner had been filmed with a couple
of handheld videos and there had been no money
lefty for the Vangelis soundtrack, this would of
done the job nicely.

Play this is the dark and let your mind go wherever
it wants to.

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Disappearer - The Clearing (2009)

(Repost 2 of 5)

More post-hardcore with
some post-metal influences.

Heavy distortion with
atmospheric touches that
go back to aggressive, noisy

Original and authentic.

Tuesday 18 January 2011

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World (1970)

This was the first album to use the backing band
who would become the "Spiders from Mars".

All songs were written by Bowie but the music
was largely arranged by Ronson and Visconti.

Mick Ronson flexed his guitar hero muscle and
made this album the heaviest of Bowie's career.

Heavy rock riffs and screaming solos combined
with Bowie's lyrics about insanity, war, sex and
religion make this a fantastic classic rock listen.

There are at least 3 different covers for this but
I have used the one I grew up with.

...... a fact that no one really cares about is:
this is one of the 1st albums I ever brought and
the music it contained made me search out other
heavy guitar music, so for me, I can say it
changed my musical life!

Monday 17 January 2011

The Fall of Troy - Doppelganger (2005)

I really tried to like their later releases but they
just seemed to be lacking when compared to
this album.

Post-hardcore with clean/shouted vocals, the
outstanding element here is the amazing guitar
work by Thomas Erak.

Bombastic, spazzy schizo riffing with tons of
distortion going from tech-metal to moments
of delicate beauty and back again to hardcore

The drum and bass are as tight as fuck and the
whole thing just kills.

Friday 14 January 2011

Kvelertak - S/T (2010)

This came out last summer but I have only got
around to giving it a listen now.

............ and it is fantastic! This would of made my
top albums of the year.

Coming from Norway, this hardcore band mix it
up with elements of stoner and filthy rock'n'roll.

Heavy all the way through, they do not forget to
write tunes - each song has an identity. Great guitar
riffs and short powerful solos are used throughout
and are combined with growled vocals to deliver
the (to my ears anyway) perfect album.

If you like Phantom Glue or Colisuem or have
ever dug Baroness in full Motorhead/Discharge
mode - give this a play.

Fantastic artwork from John Baizley as well.

Thursday 13 January 2011

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Scorch Trio - Brolt! (2008)

After Veins Dried Out went Omar Rodriguez Lopez crazy
yesterday I decided to come up with something as crazy as
Omars playing.

The Scorch Trio are a Nordic threesome who produce mental
instrumental music ...... kinda like a cross between the Dub Trio
and Stinking Lizaveta.

Intense, improvised guitar over hyper-manic thrashing drums
and bass that twists and turns.

This is music that comes from electric jazz roots but with
a much heavier rock feel.

If Miles Davis learnt to play guitar in the style of Hendrix,
would it end up like this album? Listen

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Ruptured Dog - 2010

15 years after last playing together, Ruptured Dog
decided to see if they could coax their ancient bones
and decaying memories into playing some songs.

Well fuck me sideways - we could!

The Songs we played were:

Black Insect laughter
Twilight of the Idols
We love the MC5
Loss of Reason
Day of Forever
Cathode King
Wounded Knee

To listen to the songs recorded live in the
studio, with no fancy overdubs, listen Here

To listen to the songs with all guitars over-
dubbed and re-mixed, listen Here

For those of you who have no idea who Ruptured Dog
were, we played melodic old-school punk rock and
worshipped all things by the Clash, Ramones and Iggy.

See a video of how sexy I looked before I became senile - Here

or look at our my-space thingy for a blog, other songs and
pictures of how we looked before the interweb existed -Here

Monday 10 January 2011

Black Flag - Damaged (1981)

Is this the blueprint for hardcore?

There are other bands and albums that shaped that genre
but for me, this was my benchmark for many years.

Any band that released a record that laid claim to being
aggressive had to be as good as this - and in the early '80's
there were only a handful that could put up a challenge.

Drums and bass were welded into an unstoppable groove
machine, Rollins was at his most frenetic and Greg Ginn
showed the world how jazz scales could be played at top
speed and with masses of distortion.

It still sounds fantastic now - Listen

Friday 7 January 2011

Guards - New Flesh (2010)

This is a real ear-bleeder.

Lightning Bolt come to mind when it first starts
but then Guards take things to a newer horrific

What seems to be pure white noise slowly turns
into hints of tunes, while the instruments sound
like close-miked cement mixers tuned to a major
"A" chord!

I did not think I would like it but as my brains
started to dribble out of my ears, the chaos
seemed to make sense and almost hypnotise me.

Very powerful stuff - not something I will play everyday
but will dip into when feeling brave.

Thursday 6 January 2011

Mick Karn 1958 - 2011

Mick Karn died on Tuesday 4th from
cancer. Known as the bass player in
Japan, he was also involved in countless
other musical projects.

I started this post because there seemed
to be very little news on his death.

I was not quite sure about doing this as
he had never really been that high on my
music radar.

When Strummer died, that was bad. I had
seen the Clash, played the music all the time
and was lucky enough to have talked to Joe
a couple of times.

Beefhearts recordings had seeped into a lot
of other music that I listened to.


I have always known people who played his
music - Japan has always been there in the
background - checking my iPod, I have 5
albums on it!

So, here is my most played album - the 1st one:
"Adolescent Sex".

While not yet featuring the slinky, fretless
bass work that Karn was known for, this is a
mixture of cold art rock with influences from
Roxy Music, sharp suits, Be Bop Deluxe and white
soul - think Bowie "Young Americans" era.

Wednesday 5 January 2011

James Marshall Hendrix - Monterey (1967)

In 1967, Hendrix played his first major American concert
after getting his shit together in the UK.

Coming on stage, The Experience were a unknown quantity

With only a nine song set, Jimi tore through "Foxy Lady,
Hey Joe, Purple Haze" + more, turned "Wild Thing" into
a blazing, destructive sonic prayer and walked off the
stage as the most famous guitar player in the world.

Essential - Listen

Don't know how long this will stay up - I have heard the
Hendrix Estate are shit hot about takedowns but to quote
The Bard - "I come to praise Jimi, not bury him."

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Goes Cube - Another Day Has Passed 2009

This is a repost from when I first started my blog - I was
young, dumb and full of cum - using a rapidshare account
that after 3 months got deleted meaning all my links had
been lost! I have been playing this and 3 other albums
in the xmas break + have had requests for links and have
decided that they were too good to be lost....... it's not
laziness, honest!

One of my top rated albums
from last year, Goes Cube
deliver a fantastic mix of
post-hardcore with math-rock
leanings. Steamrolling drum
beats & crunchy, thick guitar
riffs with vocals that range
from clean to a growl.

Heavy, groove laden rock
metal tunes help the songs
flow ................. nice! Listen

Monday 3 January 2011

White Drugs - Gold Magic (2010)

Cannot find much info on this but bloody hell, it's really

Released on the Kunstwaffe label in conjunction with
AmRep, this is exactly the sort of thing you would expect
from the label that released so many great bands.

Savage riffs galore that are constantly on the verge of
feedback, this is a swaggering collection of songs with
attitude and frenetic rock'n'roll that come across as
the bastard child of Jesus Lizard & Part Chimp with
bits of Melvins type bottom end production.

Don't just stand there - Listen