Wednesday 23 November 2011

Free Monster Magnet ticket

I have some sort of virus and will be too fucked
to attend the Monster Magnet gig on Friday.

No one I know can make it, so if anyone lives in
the London area and fancies seeing them play at
Koko in Camden - 6.30 to 10.00pm - I know, very
strange kick off time - on Friday 25th, drop me an
email and I will send ticket.

It is an electronic scan ticket - all you need to do is
print out the PDF I will send and entry will be yours.

No charge - I would rather see it go to a good home!

First come, first served - I will need to know by Thursday 4.00pm
as I intend to be in bed all day Friday and will not be looking at Mac.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Radio Birdman - Living Eyes (1978)

Getting into the 1st album yesterday, I thought that
the theme could be continued with their 2nd album.

Not everyone knows about this - it was recorded in
1978 but due to record company indifference and the
band splitting up, it was only released years later.

While not quite as good as "Radios Appear", it still rocks
like a bastard and at least 4 of the tracks were used in the
"New Race" project with Ron Asheton.

Monday 21 November 2011

Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (1978)

Radio Birdman were a band that introduced a whole section of
Australian underground listeners to a love of Detroit rock'n'roll.

Although the Stooges and MC5 are the obvious touchstones
here, there are strong pop hooks, jazz-tinged guitar licks,
keyboard flourishes and vocals that touch upon Morrison
as well as Iggy.

Infectious, essential listening to anyone with a love for guitars
and the smell of overloaded amps!

Monday 14 November 2011

Premonition 13 - 13 (2011)

Latest project from Wino.

Whadda need to know - doomy riffing, half spoken
vocals and fantastic lead work, nearer to The Hidden
Hand than St Vitus - just like the Shrinebuilder album,
there are two guitar players which give a much more
open sound.

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Buzzcocks - Time's Up (1976)

Before the "Spiral Scratch" EP came out -
breaking the Buzzcocks onto the nations unsuspecting
ears and also beginning the DIY ethos by being
the first punk record to be self-released - they recorded
an albums worth of material in one afternoon - live
with no overdubs.

Howard Devoto did all the vocals and the result was
quite different from the Pete Shelley incarnation that
most people know. The pop edge is there but buried
underneath the urgent, frantic delivery of the band and
the infamous Devoto caustic vocals.

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Oceana - Birth.Eater (2009)

This is some awesome melodic hardcore - of course,
if you don't like this sort of thing, your reaction could
well be different and you should leave now.

Vocals are delivered with a mixture of brutal screaming
and tuneful, powerful singing which suits the lyrics of
abandonment and desolation.

All the instruments mesh together to deliver a very
powerful sound with excellent use of time changes
to vary the songs.

This got a lot of shit when it came out because it
was on Rise records but regardless of who released it,
the music stands up to close inspection.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Dead and Divine - Antimacy (2011)

Dead & Divine play post-hardcore/metal and deliver
an album that has a huge, meaty sound to it.

Everything sounds BIG.

Drums and guitars are welded together to produce
heavy riffs with brutal effect and the vocals which
switch between clean/screamed never let up in intensity.

The songs do not rely on breakdowns and have a strong
melodic but aggressive feel to them.

"The Machines We Are" from 2009 kinda fell into the
dreaded, generic "metalcore" tag that seems to make
bands sound the same but this album takes them beyond
that - this is a thrilling, sonic assault that took me by surprise.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Veins Dried Out

So, the "man" shut down the mighty "Veins
Dried Out" blog.

But never fear, dry your tears and stop
whimpering, they have emerged once more,
re-born and ready to do things - check them out
at Throat Burned Out where normal service will
be resumed.

I have been invited to contribute but until I have
upped my database of swear words and added a
few more tattoo's, I fear that all I can bring to the
table are handsome good looks and devilishly
excellent posts!

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Doubledgescissor Record Label

The last post featured Cutthroat Convention which had
their album released on Doubledgescissor - looking at
their site, there is shit loads of weird and heavy stuff
on their roster.

All are available for free download and well worth
checking out for a taste of something different - but hey,
here is some more info from one of its founders, Damian.

Doubledgescissor >8< is a promoter/net label/blog, started by 2 members of Cutthroat Convention - Damian & Leon.
Doubledgescissor exists to release music we like & put on gigs with line-ups of interesting music we want to see, that is the main crux of operation.
All music we release is available to download free from our site & plastic discs available free at our nights.

We are not into one direction of music, we like many genres/non genres, we sometimes put on nights of variation - metal/afrobeat/noise/maths rock, or night of total electronica.........nothing is out of bounds.

We have released music by Cutthroat Convention, LowTRAMON - maths/jazz/noise rock, PsychicEyeClix - dubstep/circuit bent/electronica, Efemer - piano doom/goth/electronica, XwillfiX - metal/noise/electronica.

The next releases are on the cards for early next year - the 1st full album by Cutthroat Convention & PsychicEyeClix 3rd album of dubstep & bent circuits......

Our next Doubledgescissor night is on sat 12th nov at the Urban Bar, 176 Whitechapel rd.
Line-up - Archives - noise/electronica, PsychicEyeClix, Tecla - soundscapes/shamanism, Kayaka - noise/experimental, DJ Spudboy - dabke/UK bassline/afrobeat.

Night after that is december 3rd at the Urban bar.
line-up - One man team dance - circuit bent/disco, Cutthroat Convention, Ladyscraper - breakbeats/noise/electronica.

Linkage -
Label -
Blog -
FB -

I think thats about the jist of what we're about!

Give these guys your support and check them out.

More Shutdowns

2 more shutdowns today - Veins Dried Out who
served up a tasty treat of all things dark and abrasive
with dashes of humour crossed with a shouty voice
+ Banana Approved Music where they showed me
all that was new in melodic hardcore.

RIP, my brothers.

I can only assume that at some point this will happen to me,
I will use the same title but with a number after it.