Friday 31 December 2010

Soundtrack to my Year

These are the albums that made me
jump up and down the most this year.

Loads are new but there are a lot from
last year or years ago that I have only
discovered or got around to listening
to in 2010.

My outstanding top releases were:

Stooges - Live at Hammersmith
Kongh - Shadows of the Shapeless
October File - Holy Armour from the Jaws of God
Git Some - Loose Control
Coliseum - House with a Curse
Envy - Recitation
NoMeansNo - Wrong

Followed very closely by:

Ganon - As Above, So Below
General Lee - Hannibal Ad Portas
Wo Fat - Psychedelonaut
Boris - Heavy Rocks
Rosetta - Wake/Lift
Taint - All Bees to the Sea
Rinoa - An Age Among Them
St Vitus - Heavier Than Thou
Acid Tiger - S/T
Tia Carrera - The Quintessential
Bad Wizard - Free & Easy
Ceremony - Rohart Park
Black Bombaim - Saturdays & Space Travel
Alaskan - The Weak & the Wounded
Human Fly - Darker Later
Chickenhawk - S/T
Litany for the Whale - Dolores
Grinderman - 2
Killing Joke - Absolute Disscent
Touche Amore - To the Beat of a Dead Horse
Gil Scott Heron - Pieces of a Man
Electric Wizard - Black Masses
Gholas - 3araka
SirCusCus - Brutal Ethnology
Black Jazz - Shining
Part Chimp - Thriller
Melvins - Houdini
Phantom Glue - S/T

Well, I gave myself a year of blogging to see
what I could do - in the spring I decided that
when 2011 came up I would stop - it became a
chore to post every week day, no comments, no
feed back, take downs and doing it by myself
just seemed a bit - what's the point?

But ............

Visits increased, 'some' comments were being left and
more importantly I was talking to other blogs
and discovering shit loads of brilliant music that
could of passed me by. In particular, Veins Dried Out
introduced me to the murky and sometimes brain
exploding world of doom & black metal / very heavy
sounds and extreme noise rock.

In the last 3 months I have just been posting
whenever I feel like it or when a particular record
has hit the spot and that is the way I intend to
continue next year........ for a while at least!

See ya.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Acid Eater - Black Fuzz on Wheels (2010)

What do they put in the water in Japan?

Acid Eater are from the same school of thought
as Guitar Wolf but have decided that more distortion
was needed! Fuzz on the vocals, drums, cymbals -
even the space between tracks seems distorted.

But the psych type keyboard riffs are clean!

Garage rock played at full volume - little surf
guitar breaks slotting in nicely - a healthy
disregard for vocal niceties - breakneck
punk tunes - delicate ears be warned!

Monday 27 December 2010

Xmas Posting

My faithful download monkeys -
my posts will be sparse over the
next couple of weeks.

Now the kids are on holiday,
I can no longer make my money
selling drugs to school children
in the local parks.

I will be building up stocks by
stealing morphine drips from
all the terminally ill patients
in the Greater London area
but this all takes time and effort.

I will try to do a couple to satisfy
the BIL craving but cannot promise
too much.

I suppose you will be dreaming of your
ideal christmas present ..... the chance to
talk to a real girl/woman rather than your
cyber porn avatar.

Well, good news. I was in the final planing
stage of my ideal sniper spot - when I go, I'm
gonna take a lot of people with me - when a
parcel arrived ........ my prototype "Groin
Glove" for the X Box.

No more tossing off to Lara Croft and a box
of kleenex by your side. No, siree....

Slip over your "weapon of destruction" - you
can of course use your own nickname - when
secure and snug, activate the pressure nodes,
plug the USB end into your games console, set
the dial to full "Splurge" and away you go.

Within minutes, I was wiping steaming droplets
of Man Gravy from my monitor.

Just wish I had used the Tomb Raider game - I
felt a slight flush of shame as the burly plumber
from Mario leered at me.

See ya on the other side.

Friday 24 December 2010

Swans - Greed/Holy Money (1986)

As a small respite from all the
enforced yuletide cheer, here
are 2 Swans albums from each
end of 1986 on one CD.

You know what to expect
otherwise you are reading
the wrong music blog!

Thursday 23 December 2010

Fripp & Eno - No Pussyfooting (1973)

Very early ambient/drone album - not
drone as it is today, there is no SunnO)))
heaviness but nevertheless there is a
quiet menace amongst the atmospherics.

Eno operates two tape decks that are
looping endlessly over each other while
Fripp improvises guitar solos - some
which are looped and some that drift
in and out.

The drones are ever shifting, with textured
layers of sound.

I have heard this called background music but
this deserves to be listened to as a record in
all its glory.

There is a interesting article about the recording
of this Here

Wednesday 22 December 2010

The Fertility Cult - Eschatology (2010)

A fantastic band from Finland, The Fertility
Cult play a doom/stoner groove - think
faster Electric Wizard tracks ; "We Live"
era with a bit of early Kyuss.

But ......

...... with a saxaphone player. This really
changes the dynamics of the music. If you
like the anarchic playing of Steve MacKay
on the seminal Stooges "Funhouse" then
give this a Listen.

I found this on the wonderful and varied blog
Udols thanks man.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

The Jesus Lizard - Goat (1991)

Goat is the second album by the schizo-blues noise band.

Masterful rusty chainsaw guitar riffs scrape throughout
the songs backed by a rhythm section high on strange
punk/funk mutant psychotic moonshine, which all sets
the stage for David Yow and his deranged vocals which
(to my mind at least) remind me of Bad Uncle Nick in
the Birthday Party.

Produced by Steve Albini so you know what to expect -
I know I said I had no more Albini stuff left but so many
of my most played albums feature him in some way, so
expect him to come up again.

Monday 20 December 2010

Beefheart & Zappa - Bongo Fury (1975)

Both gone - both missed, I don't see many
people coming up to replace them either.

Friday 17 December 2010

The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic (1995)

London is dark, wet, cold and todays
post had concert tickets, which mean
I will be taking my 9 year old daughter
and her mate to her first gig - Wembley
Arena - where I have seen Bowie, Metallica,
The Cult, Alice Cooper and others but next
week I will have to sit through a pile of
steaming shite served up by a bunch of
auto-tuned, dancing twats who call themselves
a "band" and who come from that nail in the
coffin for music show - the Shit Factor!!!!

Anyway, here is some sunny underground pop

Thursday 16 December 2010

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (1966)

This album from the Count Five had their
most famous track - Psychotic Reaction ...
a raw fuzzed out slab of garage rock. Some
of the other tracks are not quite up to this
standard but think Stones doing early r'n'b
covers and add on some thick fuzz guitar
tones which in '66 must of been fantastic
to hear for the first time.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? (1983)

Shut up! Stop moaning - this is not "goth" ......Nik Fiend
likes to white out his face but this is not music for pale
faced students dreaming of sucking off Neil Gainman.

ASF play a dark version of punk art-rock. For this and the
next 3-4 albums - before they became very electro based-
crappy old synths churned out primitive tribal drum
patterns, guitars riffed away drowned in fuzz and reverb
with an almost psychobilly feel and then there was the
vocals - shouting, talking, chanting, crooning away with
insane lyrics that seemd to be made up on the spot.

"Acid Bath" and "It" were very good as well.

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time (1975)

This is the last album with Lemmy on. Following
on from "Hall of the Mountain Grille", this has
a more clean cut rock sound than earlier stuff.

Hey, it still has the space psych vibe but with
a much heavier and driving feel which seemed
to fade away in the next couple of releases -
which I have always put down to the lack of
Mr L.

Fantastic songs with a lot of lyrics from Michael
Moorcock - mostly from his Eternal Champion books -
but most of all a great listen all the way through.

As this is from my CD, it also has the bonus tracks:
Kings of Speed and a very slow version of "Motorhead"
........ oh yeah, this would surface in a years time sounding
very different indeed!

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Head of David - Dustbowl (1988)

A heavy sounding band with Justin Broadrick
in before he went on to form Godflesh and
Jesu, Head of David were signed to Blast First
and are described as Industrial Rock/Stoner.

I can also spot bits of Killing Joke/Sabbath/
Sonic Youth.

Using a drum machine as a noise weapon, murderous
bass and uber heavy guitar, riff after riff pound
away in a thrilling mixture of power and scuzz.

This was produced by Steve Albini and (unlikely
as it seems!) gave them quite a 'rock' sound
complete with guitar solos and tunes!!

Friday 3 December 2010

Big Black - Songs About Fucking (1989)

Steve Albini led band using a drum machine and an
abrasive guitar sound that did not care who it hurt!

This went beyond post-punk and took in hardcore
and noise rock ...... the first time I heard them
described as this, it made perfect sense.

Big Black's pounding drum machine rhythms,
repeated guitar riffs and abrasive textures must
of played no small part in the blueprint for
industrial rock.

This is a savage album but with a controlled fury.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Public Image - Album (1986)

Lydon, Ginger Baker and Steve Vai. Even in black and
white in front of you, it seems an impossible band to
ever come together.

Well, it happened and guess what - it was great.

Huge sounding drums, a fluid shifting bass line + Vai
guitar work - not too widdly in the solo department
and harsh sounding chords which blended with the
vocals ....... Lydon employed all his vocals trademarks -
the "warble", shouting, sneering and even a bit of singing!

This is a very solid record with no filler tracks - classic
song writing is in evidence here.

Some PIL fans thought it "too rock" but I liked it.

I have stuck with Mr Lydon through some absolute
crap as well as some tracks of genius and I just wish
that he would get together with a heavy guitar sound
for a whole album.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Devo - Live at Walkers (1978)

The Spud Boys from Akron, play a blinder on this live
album. I have always thought that the studio recordings
sounded a bit tinny and lifeless compared to seeing them
in the flesh.

This captures the manic intensity and crazed performance.

Are we not men?

No - we are Devo


Tuesday 30 November 2010

Dub Trio - Another Sound is Dying (2008)

Mainly instrumental math rock but with a huge rock
sound to the songs, giving them a great stoner edge as

Twisting guitar lines interplay with solid bass and
drums but all mixed up with forays into the world
of Dub.

King Tubby type echo on the drums, staccato guitar
stabs repeating into the distance, all underpinned with
a fat, fat bass.

The dub aspect is never overplayed, so this is a very
varied album Listen

Monday 29 November 2010

Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You (1970)

First and best album from Atomic Rooster. This
is full of aggressive rock from the brooding opening
track onwards.

Fantastic interplay between keyboards and guitar -
very Jon Lord and Blackmore - prog rock & metal/
acid guitar tunes crash through the album - I am always
surprised that this release does not get mentioned more!

Monday 22 November 2010


Oh my faithful download monkeys,
my work is having drastic building
work done, so posts will probably
dry up for a while.

Hopefully by Friday or Monday
of next week I shall be back to shine
a shaft of light into your humdrum
empty lives!

Tony xxx

Thursday 18 November 2010

Rollins Band - Compilation

This is a collection of tunes from Hank and Co - no real
theme, just what I fancy hearing, great riffs, lots of
powerful solos, Rollins doing his thing and tunes that
make me jump up and down.


One Shot
Up For It
Come Inside the Zero
What's the Matter Man
All I Want
Are You Ready
Brother Interior
The End Of Something

Wednesday 17 November 2010

2001 A Space Odyssey - Soundtrack (1968)

I had not really paid much attention to this
soundtrack - 2001 is one of my top films but
playing the music? Not really for me but .....
about 10/11 years ago, the National Film
Theater showed the film, using the sound
system that Kubrick had devised but was in
the end just too expensive to install in cinemas.

There were huge speakers all over the place and
the music fucking kicked arse!

Classical music interspersed with choirs performing
banks of human drones, groans and just a general
feeling of out-there weirdness.

Turn up the volume, turn down the lights and
take a trip into the unknown!

Monday 15 November 2010

Git Some - Loose Control (2010)

Formed from the ashes of the mighty Planes
Mistaken For Stars, this is the 2nd album
from Git Some.

Plenty of raw guitar riffage here + a driving,
shifting drum sound that goes from simple
to complex over a couple of bars.

Harsh screams that still have hints of melody
in are to the front while Omar R. type solos
flail away in the background.

The songs never outstay their welcome and have
enough spontaneity to make you want to jump
up and down quite a lot.

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Husker Du - Zen Arcade (1984)

Double albums can be tricky beasts. Overblown and full
of filler or self indulgent shit but with the right band,
they can be works of magic.

There must be a zillion I have not heard but the ones that
showed how a band can progress into greatness are far
and few between.

In my collection, the stand outs are:

Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
The Who - Quadrophenia
The Clash - London Calling
The Damned - The Black Album
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down
Frank Black - Teenager of the Year
and this album by Husker Du.

Spreading their hardcore roots to the winds, this showed
them playing with pop, punk, metal - huge chunks of melody
that had only been hinted at on previous releases
whilst Bob Mould suddenly started to crank out brilliant
solos. Mould and Grant Hart really came int0 their own
as vocalists, giving the songs a real identity.

Add piano, backward tracks and a huge sense of freedom
for the band and you have a genuine classic.

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (1973)

Cooper had a fantastic run of albums - "Love
it to Death", "Killer", "Schools Out" and this
one - Billion Dollar Babies.

Depending on what mood I am in, this probably
will always get into my top 20 all time albums.

Hard rock with a Detroit swagger, Cooper sang,
crooned, sneered, wheedled and belted out stone
cold classics like "Hello Hurray, No More Mr Nice
Guy, Elected & I Love The Dead" and with Bob
Erzin at the helm, strings, horns, keyboards and
choirs put the finished gloss onto this classic.

Monday 8 November 2010

I Pilot Dæmon - Come What May (2010)

French Noise/Hardcore - furious tunes that rattle along
but with riffs that interest rather than being cut'n'paste

If you like Part Chimp, give this a Listen

Sorry about the shortness of the review - busy this week.

Friday 5 November 2010

Chickenhawk - S/T (2008)

Whilst waiting for the new album, I have been playing
the 1st one today.

Noise, shouting, riffs, electronic squalls, psych guitar
bits, pounding tunes with hardcore/stoner influences.

What's not to like!

Thursday 4 November 2010

Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs - Purple Noise Sandwich (1984)

12" EP from these Scottish noise warriors.

Fuck all info on them now but they were like a goth-swamp
mixture of Bad Seeds vibe and JAMC feedback and chaos.

I saw them in North London somewhere - Hope & Anchor/
Moonlight Club? - a sprawling mess of lanky drunk/drugged?
blokes hunched over instruments with this fantastic din that
sort of went into tunes ...... oh yeah, the bass player spent
most of the gig hitting the strings with a beer bottle.

The 3 tracks here cannot capture the madness of that night
but the 1st track "Raymond" still has a very sinister feel.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Succubus (2009)

This collection of musicians seem to have many different
band names but this line up have produced something
that they have described as Free Jazz/Drone/Doom/
Dark Ambient - kinda trips off the tongue don't it?

Almost impossible to write about, this amazing album
is like an evil and heavy Orb jamming with Miles Davis
at his most mournful and haunting.

Monday 1 November 2010

Keelhaul - Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity (2009)

Mathy rock hardcore with the majority of
songs instrumentals.

Blistering tunes with powerful riffs and very
intricate and pounding drums.

Now and then vocals are shouted - barely
intelligible over the howling tempest of
music being played.

Great noisy stuff - Listen

Friday 29 October 2010

Dead Elephant - Lowest Shared Descent (2008)

Heavy sounds from Italy. Noise rock -
post-hardcore, thick slabs of power
without slipping into the much abused
post-metal tag.

Wickedly thick walls of guitar jostle
with slinky bass lines, hardcore vocals
that suddenly stop then go into an almost
post-rock passage to be overlayed with
a bit of mental saxaphone - one track only
horn haters! - spiraling riffs that explode
out of the speakers.

Pretty hard to describe but I would put
them along side Part Chimp or Kong.
Cannot find a buy option - sorry.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Heads - Relaxing With ..... (1995)

This is being re-released with bonus CD and
other stuff - however, this is my old copy ....
reading the reviews made my play this and
yes, it still sizzles along nicely.

Fuzz freakouts with psychedelic heavy rock
tunes that can melt speakers and brains, come
on. you know you want it - Listen

Thursday 21 October 2010

Roxy Music - Newcastle City Hall (1974)

A blinding set from '74, this previews some tracks
from the still unreleased "Country Life" + classics
including excellent versions of "In Every Dream House,
Is There Something & Re-Make/Re-Model" all which
feature Manzanera nice and loud in the mix.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Collapsar - s/t (2005)

Now sadly broken up, Collapsar played an
intricate, instrumental mix of math / tech
metal in a fierce explosion of distorted
guitar lines.

Hard hitting riffs and sonic textured sound-
scapes played with almost King Crimson
precision but with added aggression which
allows all sorts of playing to come out from
the hardcore intensity within the songs.

Dizzying fretwork and an almost mental
jazz drummer may scare of the casual listener
but will reward those who are after some
heavier vibes - Listen

Monday 18 October 2010

Alaskan - The Weak and the Wounded (2010)

Post-metal sludge from Canada. This is huge sounding!

I have started to cut'n'paste post-metal reviews - although
I love the genre, there is only so many different ways
that you can describe crushing riffs, intense vocals,
continent shifting bass etc. If I have reviewed it, I
think it is really good otherwise it would not be here.

If you are into post-metal than you know what to expect,

But this album deserves a special mention, using samples
from the horror film "Session 9", Alaskan have created
something that I feel stands up to anything released by
Mouth of the Architect - for me the benchmark of greatness.

I found this on Ribs Out - one of the best sites for new
heavy bands.

Friday 15 October 2010

Bad Wizard - Free & Easy (2001)

This is a stoner groove classic.

Killer 60's/70's Detroit rock sound
but with added Ramones and AC/DC
energy and attitude.

Over the top fuzz guitar leads and
riffs + a thundering rhythm section
hurtle along into explosive songs that
just don't slow down.

It is only 30 minutes long but before
the end I had grown my hair, put on a
groovy shirt, smoked some "Mary Jane"
and said "Off The Pigs" several times!

Thursday 14 October 2010

Genesis - Live (1973)

Before Phil Collins embarked on a solo
career that would make me want to hammer
piss-stained nails into his eyes, he was a
fantastic drummer in a prog-rock band.

Singing about the creation of life, slum
landlords, overcrowding, genetics, man-
eating plants and revolution, Genesis had
a much darker feel than Yes.

A live set with tracks from their early
albums, this is the one to listen to if you
ever wanted to dip your toe into their
past history and one of my fave prog albums.

Wednesday 13 October 2010

Black Sea - It's All About Our Silence

Post-metal from Brazil, this has a great raw sound
mixed in with experimental, almost post-rocky

Heavy guitar and pounding riffs dominate the songs
and excellent drumming combine with the vocals
which are down in the mix, so not to overpower.

I got this from Sinewave - a Brazilian blog that also
doubles as a Net Record label. Check them out for
lots of different releases - all free - they seem to
put something out every week or so - mostly
electronic/post-rock/experimental - the odd
heavy album like Black Sea.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Celan - Halo (2009)

Celan are an experimental project featuring Chris
Spencer from Unsane - Nico Wenner from Oxbow
- Ari Meyers from Einsturzende Nebauten +
members of flu.ID.

The overall feel is industrial / hardcore, played
as a wall of noise with pretty aggressive vocals
but with some mellow passages creeping in and out
of the songs.

Keyboards and samples weave throughout the
abrasive din but are used to propel the listener
along to a climatic end rather than just another
"quiet bit going into a loud bit".

Monday 11 October 2010

Metal Machine Trio - Live in Sydney (2010)

The Metal Machine Trio is Lou Reed performing live
the infamous Metal Machine Music Album.

This gig is from the Sydney Opera House - I found this
on the wonderful The Occasional Archivist - thank you
gentlemen - give them a visit.

Here is a run down of the highlights:

17 mins - A chord change .... E to E flat!

37 mins - Lou Reed thinks about smiling but
remembers that the last time he smiled, his
face froze for 3 years and instead crushes the
skull of a new born kitten with his boot.

59 mins - Someone shouts out for "Heroin".
His roadies take the person backstage, castrate
and lobotomise him, tattoo "sex slave" on his
head and ship him out to one of the secret hidden
death camps located in the American mid-west.

73 mins - Is that the sound of some drumming?
No ...... just the sound of a microwave door shutting
as Reed kills some puppies.

Actually, not all the above facts are true. I had
imagined that this would be like the album and
after 90 minutes would be numb to all emotions
and just be in a corner crying softly.

This is not the case!

It starts of with drones, some soft gong bangs and
very controlled feedback that produces warm sound
waves that wash over you. Very dark ambient - in
fact very much like early Tangerine Dream. After
about half an hour a saxaphone starts to play - very
mournful - very Jan Garbeck - it never overpowers
but adds tonal qualities not unlike brass instruments
used by Can or Soft Machine.

More listenable than I thought it would be - in fact I
was hoping for more of the noise and chaos of the album
but I suppose impossible to sustain for an hour and a half
without peoples heads exploding.

Friday 8 October 2010

Stinking Lizaveta- Sacrifice & Bliss (2009)

This power trio really blur the boundaries
of genre pigeon holes.

Their style incorporates doom, stoner, prog,
metal and post-rock with eastern influences
and jazz stylings.

They actually describe themselves as doom-jazz!

Clean, graceful melodic guitar work changes into
Sabbath-y riffs, which wander over into
stoner-groove territory.

Think Zappa guitar playing math-rock in the
style of Miles Davis - Dark Magus era - while
doing Magic Lantern covers numbers!

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Obiat - Eye Tree Pi (2009)

Obiat play a nice noise of doom
and dark ambient with stabs of
modern psychedelic atmospherics.

Lots of clean sounding guitars that
descend into post-metal heaviness
that roar along with a dynamic
bass sound and drums that sound
like jackboots kicking you in the head.

Like other bands of this genre - you
know the usual suspects - it it the little
touches that bring this album its greatness -
slow, haunting guitar with whispered vocals,
intricate interplay between the rest of the
band before crashing into waves of noise
and thick, fat riffs.

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Friday 1 October 2010

Velvet Underground - My Collection

This is just a collection of my fave VU tracks
in a running order that makes me slowly bang
my head.

In 6 months time it could be different but
this is what I will be listening to on the

Beginning To see The Light
Chelsea Girls
Foggy Notion
Held Held High
I Can't Stand It
I heard Her Call My Name
I'm Set Free
I'm Waiting For The Man
Rock & Roll
Sweet Jane
Train Round The Bend
Venus In Furs
What Goes On

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Post slowdown

Work is really hectic at the moment +
I seem to be getting quite a lot of takedowns.

My aim was to post every weekday but for
the next couple of weeks I think time will
make them dry up for a while.

Fear not though my faithful download
monkeys, I will return better and stronger
than before ..... or not - depends how
bovvered I feel!

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Trampled Underfoot

This is a post for ZoSo)))

This Zepp cd has no cover or info whatsoever.

From the songs and what Plant is saying, it is from the
Physical Graffiti tour in the States somewhere.

On CD 2, they introduce Trampled Underfoot
and that is it! The songs just end - so we have a
set cut short, no info but the music is (of course)
fantastic and really good quality.

Sick Again
Over The Hills and Far Away
In My Time of Dying
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song

No Quarter

Friday 24 September 2010

Augury - Fragmentary Evidence (2009)

Technical, progressive metal played at
the highest level.

Lots of heavy, distorted jazzy guitar work
played over very layered, complex and
lengthy songs which have a real epic sweep
to them with brilliant instrumental performances.

This is like the heavy bits from Opeth with
scorching guitar solos all over the shop.

Link removed by request

Thursday 23 September 2010

Souvenir's Young America - The Name Of The Snake (2010)

Killer instrumental from this 3 piece.

Mixing up prog, post-metal and ambient
sounds, this is like a soundtrack to a film
that does not exist.

Layered guitars with drones of distortion
float along with the quieter passages,
intermingled with harmonica, giving
things a space age Ennio Morricone feel.

If you like Pelican, Codes In The Sky etc,
give this a Listen

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Deep Purple - Made In Japan (1972)

This is the only Purple album you will
ever need.

Drawing mainly from Machine Head,
these live tracks are played at with a
rawness and intensity that were sometimes
missing from the studio releases.

Classic heavy rock - do I need to say more?

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Ruiner - Hell is Empty (2009)

Ok, here is some hardcore - some short,
fast and memorable anthems play out
on this album.

Some good intros and slower guitar hooks
make this stand out from the standard
hardcore blueprint. The singer manages
to inject melodic vocal lines that are
catchy but still heavy sounding.

Great, crisp production that will suit
anyone into intelligent heavy punk.

Friday 17 September 2010

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Wildweed (1985)

After the swamp/punk masterpiece "The Las Vegas Story"
by the Gun Club in '84, JL Pierce released his 1st solo

His music had always contained the unique mix of punk/
country and blues but this record had a much more
blues feel to it. The song arrangements seem much
looser giving Pierce a much larger canvas to paint his
guitar solos over - a great guitar player by the way -
and there are some almost wistful/tender moments.

If you have ever liked any Gun Club stuff, give this a

Thursday 16 September 2010

Shining - Blackjazz (2010)

Head fuck time. Shining play a style of industrial, black
metal and jazz - hey that's why the title is "Blackjazz".

Musically very abrasive with heavy distorted guitars
and vocals with synth interplay. Weird time signatures
flow through the songs but do not let that put you off.

Saxaphones fight with guitar riffs and everything gets
very, very heavy.

The albums ends with a cover version of King Crimson's
"21st Century Schizoid Man" - the original will never sound
the same again. To be honest, it took me a couple of
plays before I started to get into it but it is worth it
if you want something different to listen to.

Link removed by request

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Phantom Glue - S/T (2010)

Some fantastic Stoner/Doom/Hardcore on display here -
it is only 27 minutes long but all the tracks flow into a
very solid whole.

They have a High on Fire type sound but with a much
rougher Punk/Hardcore edge and delivery.

Thick crushing stoner riffs fight with brilliant heavy bass
and drums, acrobatic guitar work is laid all over the
place and suitably gruff vocals show these boys playing
at the top of their game