Monday 14 June 2010

Dark - The Jam 1975

Also known as The Basement Tapes,
this is a single 24 minute track of live
guitar jamming, starting from soft picking
and ending in fuzzed out underground, full
on psych freak out.

While nothing can ever touch the Earthless
guys for this sort of thing, 35 years ago this
is the sort of thing that would influence lots
of later day bands.

Dark are a band with hardly any info at all -
but I am sure there are people who know -
their record label (Kissing Spell) seem vague
about details ..... anyone care to share?

Of course not - what am I thinking of !

Give it a Listen


  1. yeah, dude, nothing can beat Earthless, my favorite jam band. I wouldn't compare them with Dark which is also great but instead with 70's San Francisco's Shiver, they sound almost identical to Earthless and btw check out my blog dedicated to improvisational psychedelic music