Tuesday 24 September 2019

Vicious Bastard - Lost EP

"Formed 10 years ago.

"Post Abortion Lust" Album released 8 years ago.

Last gig 4 years ago.

Here is an E.P recorded in 2012 but never released.

Vicious Bastard never dies, merely sleeps."

Vicious Bastard live up to their name giving
us some savage, short, bile-ridden grindcore.
It's kinda like being pushed down some stairs
naked - and the stairs are covered in sandpaper -
landing in a pile of salt and then some drunken
fuck comes and molests you. Horrible but strangely
thrilling at the same time.
This is the good shit.

Thanks to Luke for sending this to me.
Cheers to Stevie for turning me onto them.