Saturday 5 October 2019

Daughters Of St Crispin - S/T

Madison WI post-punk vets churning out simple,
heavy songs of lament.
Russell Emerson Hall - guitar/voice (ex-Tyranny 
Is Tyranny, ex-United Sons of Toil, ex-Twelves)
Peter Leonard - bass/voice (ex-Droids Attack, 
ex-Rustbelt Sermon, ex-Poorman’s Therapy)

Daughters Of St Crispin bring a dirty amalgamation of
order and chaos - mixing elements of punk, noise and
sludge rock to form compositions that build on their
collective influences, creating a markedly unique sound.
Punk rock goes angular and angry, juddering through 
4 tracks of discordant, rhythmic and punishing slabs 
of excellence. The vocals are yelped but tuneful and 
counter-balance the complex guitar lines but before it 
all begins to sound like random, chaotic bursts of nonsense, 
you realise that they are also rocking like bastards! 
Taking the feel of the Jesus Lizard and the glorious 
feeling of what-the-fuck! song arrangements of These 
Arms Are Snakes, the album also has the added bonus 
of sounding like it was produced by Steve Albini. 
The tracks have real solidity to them - no wasted 
time or filler to the song structures - tension builds 
nicely as the urgent riffs hammer down.
This is the good shit.
Thanks to the band for sending this to me.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

A Horse Called War - Good For Glue (and nothing else)

APF Records, out of Manchester UK, are fast becoming vanguards
of the UK Sludge scene, boasting a venerable Roster including 
name a few, have now unleashed another mind-crippler in the 
form of A HORSE CALLED WAR's new release "Good For Glue 
(And Nothing Else)"

An instant knuckle-duster in the face comes at you with the opener,
"Dog Is Dead" - raw, visceral Grind that'll put you on your ass on 
it's way past towards "Old One Eye", a sickening lurch from Doomed 
low-blows to Crusted apoplexy...'Pardon The Pun's bouncing, booming 
rhythms throw you around like a Rottweiler's rag-toy and bury you in 
the litter tray...The creeping death that is 'Don Frye' is a Titan-gripped 
chokehold on the senses...cavernous and infernal. The closer, 'Woodpusher' 
fires off parting blast-rivets of brutal, unflinching Misery and scoffs at 
your burning corpse.....AHCW have nailed a sound that is truly crippling 
and envigorating simultaneously...a credit to their Style, Talent and Intent! 
Unquestionable 5 Stars.

Review by reek of STOOM.
Released on Nov 22nd 2019

Tuesday 1 October 2019

The Lost Tribes - Doomed and Stoned

Another fantastic compilation to get your head nodding.

They have always been there.

Half-myths caught in whispered words, fleeting 
flickers in the corner of the eye, walkers of the Ancient 
Paths...Others. The beacon fires shone not on their lands 
and the call cast far to heed.Yet, slow as the bark grew, 
the bounties came...strange marvels from the strange folk.

The Lost Tribes.

This compilation is meant to be an accompaniment 
to 'Doomed and Stoned in England' (2019). It represents 
the artists who, due to circumstances, were unable to 
appear on it, along with others who were invited. This 
has a distinct "compilation" feel to the ones 
you pulled from the bargain bins at the store, only 
knowing one name on the back, but delighting in the 
joy of that first spin. The Lost Tribes has that vibe.

And because they are good guys it is NYP.

Complied by reek of STOOM

Toadeater - Codex

Here is some blackened crust to make your toes curl.
Raw guitar tones combined with interesting song
compositions push the tunes forward while at the
same time pummel you into submission.

This is the good shit.