Friday 29 November 2013

Archiv Hate issue 6

Brand new series of ARCHIV HATE interview magazine!

On this episode interview with Nomadic Rituals, 3-piece doom/ sludge band from Belfast and Synsophony, dark ambient duo. Transylvania dark art by Luciana Nedelea Artworks. Latvian underground culture "The Media" by Inese Tone. Series of Jason Cantu (of SLAVES BC) haiku reviews and Danial Gambler reviews.

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Monday 25 November 2013

Rabbits - SOS

Rabbits inflict their take on music with a heady mix of demos,
bonus tracks, cover versions and practise jams. As always,
the sonic deluge is both heady and brutal, combining
sludge, hardcore and noise rock with stunning effect.

Band blurb:
RABBITS is at it again. Steadfast in their determination to not give a shit what you or anyone else thinks, they burrowed deep into their own rabbit hole to scrape together a mish-mash of down-and-dirty tracks from every corner of their sorry-ass storied past. SOS (Singles, Other Shit) is a disturbing and dissonant distress signal from the underground assembled from LP session bonus tracks, 7-inch tracks, unreleased demos, radio performances, alternate versions, and practice space jams recorded from 2006 to 2013. With few overdubs and mostly single live takes, these tracks capture RABBITS doing what they do best: cranking out bludgeoning full-throttle hardcore noise rock until your ears are ringing and you see stars; pummeling drums, gnarled guitars, maniacal vocals, and deranged solos. The A-side comprises six original songs of serious mayhem and downright fuckery, while the B-side collects nine covers of their favorite 80s punk and hardcore songs, mistreated as if their own, no doubt to piss you off. Please help them. They clearly need it.

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Thanks to Dave at Earsplit for sending this to me.

Beastmilk - Climax

Beastmilk play atmospheric post-punk and
use driving drums to propel the songs along.

The band have stripped the sound down to the bare
bones, using keyboards and sparse guitars but combined
with the groaned vocals and  throbbing bass, give a real sense of 
desolation that match the apocalyptic lyrics.

Joy Division are the obvious comparison when hearing
the songs but where in most cases, this would have me muttering
'ripp-off" in disgust, Beastmilk take the template and use the 
melodic passages to build long epic songs that have a gleeful, 
powerful feel to them.

Tension is evident in these songs, building but never getting
released too early, making the listener very aware that each track
has its own momentum and force. This album has passion, power
and needs to get a hearing.

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Thanks to Nathan at Svart Records for sending this to me.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Death Mercedes - Sans Éclat

French screamo/post-hardcore released by the always excellent
Throatruiner records.

Death Mercedes draw upon the obvious template of loud/quiet
but with far more superior results than their fellow bands.

The song writing talents on show soar and peak, with a breakneck
speed that promises anger and passion in equal measures. 

The guitars are a joy to listen to - shimmering riffs of distortion,
shifting time scales and locking in with the vocals to produce
moments of sparse beauty among the aggression.

In under half an hour, Death Mercedes give you a triumph of
hard hitting poems set to a sonic wall of spite which deserves
to propel them further into the underground psyche.

Tuesday 19 November 2013


Classic stoner played mostly at  full throttle 
....absolutely superb......
Only complaint is that the songs aren't long enough !!

11 tracks 48 mins. Big ballsy bassy mix....lovely guitar 
sound and tremendous soloing throughout. An album you simply 
MUST listen to... in particular "Super Human God" and

I've read some very scathing reviews of this album which 
really surprised me.  Critics...pah !! A great lyric from The Anti-Nowhere 
League springs to mind..."You criticise us and say we're shit, but we're up here 
and we're doing it. Don't criticise the things we do, no fucker pays to go and see you !"


Check out the whole album on Bandcamp below:


Whilst the proprietor of this site is jumping up and down waving 
his arms about in delight at the new album, I'm doing similar but 
in frustration as I've yet to hear it !

So, in the meantime, I thought I'd make do with giving 
Sonic Prayer a run out. I first heard this a year or so ago 
and kept a note of my thoughts after a few listens "absolutely fucking
 brilliant...just how can you make a solo this long so interesting ?" 
Just 2 tracks totalling 42 minutes....the first a Hendrix influenced 
jam , the second a slow stoner psych riff ......both are simply superb.

If you've 20 or so minutes of your life to spare then settle down 
and watch the "Sonic Prayer" jam, live in 2012...Oh yeeeeeeeeeessssssss !!!

Friday 15 November 2013

BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust

BAD SAM - Working Class Holocaust 2013
13 tracks 32:27mins.....
From their Facebook page they charmingly describe themselves as "FIVE OLD FUCKS SCREAMING AND YELLING, PLAYING SHIT WITH LEFT WING SOCIAL AND PERSONAL SHIT" !!

Frantic hardcore punk with a variety of great catchy songs.  A lot of  UK hardcore stuff I've heard has left me cold (i.e Discharge, Exploited etc) but the variety of excellently produced material on offer here made me play it again and again.....You bastards ...I can't get some of your choruses out of my head !! Also raising this above the competition are the intelligible vocals of Beddis which at times have a most pleasing Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's) ring to them. 

The band also clearly has a broad and well developed sense of humour as can be seen in the attached video for the track "Bastard Son Of A Teddy Boy".

The guitars and bass are excellent throughout, producing many satisfying heavy chugging moments before going off again at 100mph...with it all being backed up by the relentless assault of his drums by Kip-Xool. 

As at the time of posting this article we're advised that this vinyl only album should be available in around 3 weeks time. There is a limited run of 300 in red wax.

For enquiries and orders please contact Beddis at


Thursday 14 November 2013


Band info Here     

There are few albums that leave you feeling genuinely breathless as they end....this is one of them ! High energy throughout with amazingly fast and together playing, but still managing to produce great footstomping mini anthems by the bucketload !! This isn't a good one for the car as it does nothing to promote calm driving !!

American Hardcore Punk appears to be the accepted description of these fine fellows from Seattle, USA, although there are moments where the pace drops to just below frantic and they sound uncannily like Motorhead on a couple of numbers.....which is always a plus point in my book.

Listen to the track Eyes Of Satan:

Its only 1min 30secs so if you don't like it, it won't take up too much of your life !!

If you enjoyed that then here's a live set from 1998:

One of my most played albums in the last 10 years...add it to your !!

Wednesday 13 November 2013


For band info click Here

Coincidence or ?......whilst playing this, my in car cd casstte player adaptor gave up the ghost ! Perhaps it just couldn't cope with the sheer denseness of sound and mighty riffs that were being put through it !! I think my car speakers also breathed a sigh of relief. Listen to the opening track Baghdad: 

Some real old school super heavy Sabbath influenced riffs and soloing are in evidence throughout this ribcage rattling debut album from these gentlemen from Oakland ,California.

Rawhide - Murder One

Swedish Punk Death Rock'nRoll awaits the listener who
wants to take a white knuckle ride.

Rawhide play like the devil spawned bastards of Motorhead
and Zeke which, as all regular readers will know, is a very
good thing indeed.

Songs about blood, guts and beer need a suitable soundtrack
and the band deliver in spades. Punk riffs played with chainsaw
distortion give a solid platform for sleazy solos to machine gun
out of your speakers.

Growled vocals are spat out - and guess what - bonus points
are awarded for a band that actually know what a tune is -

This is infectious stuff - you may feel as if you are crawling
in the sewer after playing this but being dirty will never seem
so much fun.

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Thanks to Liz at Earsplit for sending this to me.

Monday 11 November 2013

I'm back - so what.

Done the stuff I had to do.

Will start posting again.