Sunday 2 February 2020

Kassad - London Orbital

Normally, high up in the top floor of Maim Towers, I put together
my reviews with wit, wisdom and the knowledge that I am right
and you are wrong. But the band have put forward their own manifesto
that says everything that needs to be said. 

Combining abrasive and gritty black metal with hallucinatory 
ambience and spiralling postrock intricacy, Kassad’s name is 
synonymous with misery, futility, and madness of modern urban life.

"London Orbital", the new album, centers around modern
 urban living and looks to a near future of megacities where
 the city itself is a personified, malevolent being where human 
empathy and culture have been replaced by artificial intelligence. 
The artist adds: "I wanted to create music for an imagined,
 future London - one where the city’s monoliths of glass and 
concrete have come alive to assert their malevolent control 
over the millions of people that live and toil amongst them. 
Workers travel in the vast shadows of these buildings, in the 
tunnels and transport systems that snake below or in the
 briefest snatches of sun that are yet to be blacked out.
 If you tilt your head and look at the city just right, you can 
already see the light starting to turn to darkness."

This is the good shit.

Woorms - Twitching, As Prey

Woorms - Twitching, As Prey

Woorms have crawled out of a sludge swamp and rolled in the
 corpse of rock before unleashing their second album upon us. The
 sludge elementis still the driving source but the songs are infused
 with ideas and atmospherics that bring a more doomy and psych feel - 
combined with a hardcore aggression that keeps the menace swirling 
around the tracks.

This is an album that demands to be played in one sitting. You are
carried along in this soundscape from start to finish and as a cohesive
whole blends into an almost epic concept album.

Vocals are screamed, muttered, crooned and chanted with effective
and creepy results. The sound is of course low-end but with many
different effects and playing styles, the middle end of the musical
scales are well catered for. The production is just great - everything
sounds full on without losing clarity or aggression.

Drones and sound effects are used along with quieter passages to bring
the pace and feel down - not to a peaceful interlude though – 
this is the good shit.

Thanks to Aaron for sending me the promo.