Monday 13 January 2014

Whitemare - Screamer

Whitemare play punky rock'n'roll with a touch of Minor
Threat meets Discharge but with a Ramones mentality.

This means that the abrasive, scuzzed out songs become
sing-a-long anthems to make you smile and jump up and down
a lot. Which as we all know is as cool as fuck.

Coming in at under 15 mins, the 7 tracks are sharp shocks
of distortion, insane riffing and shouted out vocals.

Dropping in some blues scales give a real rocky feel and use
of a single note piano riff - a'la "I Wanna Be Your Dog" makes
"Scene-agers" really stand out.

Put this on repeat and enjoy - very cool shit.

Band blurb:
Whitemare is a hardcore punk-rock 'n' roll band from Brighton, UK, formed in 2008. The group's line-up features ex-Architects vocalist Matt Johnson, ex-Johnny Truant guitarist Al Kilcullen and ex-Centurion drummer Eugene Economou. In 2009, Whitemare recorded a 5 track EP which was released through Small Town Records, with the band's style being described as a cross between hardcore punk, and southern rock.

In November 201, Whitemare released their debut full-length album Snider. It was recorded over the space of just two days with Gez Walton (ex-Ghost Of A Thousand) mixing and producing. The album followed in the footsteps of their debut release, with an almost unanimously positive reaction from the UK rock and metal media, being hailed as a sign of exciting things to come.

And so this year sees the band releasing the highly anticipated follow up to Snider. Teaming up with U.S label Riot House Records for the new 7 track EP "Screamer!". Recorded and mixed in April 2013 at Black Wookie Studios by Paul "Win" Winstanley and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NY. This record is the logical next step from Whitemare's previous works, sounding meaner, leaner, tighter and more intense than ever before.

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