Thursday 16 January 2014


This is another very fine album that Tony sent to me many 
years before the birth of this Blog...... "What if Tony Iommi had 
been born in Japan ?" were the only words that he had scrawled in 
an accompanying note.

After my last review of a band from the land of the rising sun 
(Guitar Wolf) some of you may be shaking in your boots at what I'm 
presenting you with now, but fear not, this has been more sensibly produced! 
We are treated throughout to a big meaty sound , excellent guitar work and 
great low end goings on. Here is the magnificent attention grabbing opening
track entitled "Heavy Friends" which is so super heavy that it seems intent on
trying to batter its way through the ground back to where it was conceived.

I must point out that this is the only track on the album with this magnitude
of Doom.....the second to last track, "Kane", has Doom overtones but not to
the extent of this opener. .....the rest of the album is an interesting,
varied and highly enjoyable barrage of full on big riffs at a variety of
paces, some in the style of Kyuus/QOTSA and even finding room for one
very spacey Hawkwind type track, "Soft Edge".

Here's the whole album 

and here's a further link for band info and full track listing etc

Well worth 47 minutes of your time !!!


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