Thursday 23 January 2014

Henry Blacker - Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

A rock band, three piece, two from the group ‘Hey Colossus’ 
and a brother on the drums and with only that short into,
Henry Blacker have become my favourite new band.

This is solid rock grime'n'roll - no endless jamming or
meandering, just mean and lean riffs with a sonic denseness
that means business. 

Lots of abrasive vocals, crushing guitars and clean, pounding 
drums and bass really tie things together in the songs with a
great sounding production.

With a post-hardcore vibe and Am-Rep attitude, this album
hurtles down the road of thug rock, stopping only to deliver
world weary messages of suspicion and bitterness. There
are grooves aplenty here to give a melodic catchiness to the
mostly brooding tracks.

The tracks just fly by and have a raw, recorded live feel to them 
which I always like to hear. No song is too long but they still manage 
to fit some angular guitar riffs in to ensure that there is always something 
being played beyond just basic chord patterns.

Let Henry Blacker become your favourite new band.

Get from Riot Season - who keep releasing great stuff!


Thanks to Andy & Lauren for sending this.

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