Thursday 21 January 2021

men of munga - Ballads Of Munga And Men

men of munga have produced a mind bending amalgamation 
of prog rock, metal, jazzy syncopations and swirling melodies 
with a punk attitude.

With the unhinged song composition of the sadly missed These 
Arms Are Snakes and maybe the prog-hardcore leaning of ATDI, 
men of munga explode with an album that crackle with energy, 
excitement and bucket loads of aggression.

Vocals range from the gentle to throaty yet melodic roars that are
gloriously underpinned with sprays of solos that erupt from the manic
riffing. With a drummer and bass player tighter than a sharks' death
grip, the guitars are free to spazz out, rock hard, shimmer and shine
with delicate breaks before launching into another breathless display of
driving, explosive playing.

The tracks have a controlled frenzy about them that display passion as
well as a desire to hurt ear-drums! 

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Heavy Relic - The Apparition of The Great Cabala

Hey you! 
Yeah, that's right ..... you in the corner with 
the blank stare and drool coming out the 
corner of your mouth. 
You look the sort of person who would be into 
"Earthless" ...... yep , me too. 
I guess you like to light up a "doobie" and jerk 
off to Sonic Prayer ...... yep, me too. 
Heavy Relic are a much heavier version of the 
afore mentioned band - this means jams of 
freakout acid guitar brilliance. 
Heavy Relic play instrumental stoner with heavy 
vibes and as with all instrumental projects the question 
has to be asked - is there enough going on to keep your 
attention wandering due to the lack of vocals? 
In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. 
The guitar riffs are loud and nicely fuzzed, evoking 
the sun-baked desert sound but with a heaviness drawn 
from sludge. Excellent audio clips are used to great 
effect but without being overdone. Drones and atmospherics 
throb underneath the songs, bringing in some 
space-rock undercurrents. 

Thursday 7 January 2021

Sonic Demon - Vendetta

Groove-laden stoner rock from the depths of 

Italy. A cocktail of grass and boozed fuelled madness, 

influenced by all the usual suspects from the 

world of Doom, Blues, Stoner Rock and 

Psychedelia along with hints of punk and 

good ol' rock n roll! Heavy, heavy stoner that 

has an unstoppable groove to it. 

Bouncy killer riffs that just keep on 

making your feet stomp. Desperate vocals 

that growl over the tunes with menace 

and passion. Fuzzed out, distorted speaker-blown

 solos that rip apart the cosmos and destroy all in its path. 

This is the good shit.