Friday 30 October 2015

Swamp Ritual - Ritual Rising

Oh yes indeedy - Swamp Ritual have delivered a thick, sonic brew
of stoner and doom which goes down a fucking treat. 

With riffs so catchy and groove-ridden that you want to start 
nodding instantly, the heaviness of the music makes sure that you do 
not forget the feeling of pervading creepiness that seeps through the songs. 

The clean vocals ensure the lyrics of the occult, drug worship and horror 
movies are heard and play an important part in establishing the 
atmospherics of this great album. Fuzz spreads its presence throughout 
(which of course is a good thing!) and combined with the general powerful 
and dark tones which the riffs are cranking out, make the tracks epic, 
majestic and crushing. 

Lead guitar is suitable distorted and has a psychedelic, stoned sound 
which just kills me. Mid-paced songs sit alongside slow burning prayers 
of destruction and due to the track order and song compositions, make
this a highly recommended album.

Saturday 24 October 2015

Back from the dead.

After wandering the wilderness for over a year, I have finally 
passed enough levels at my hospital to be able to move up to the 
lofty position of Rehabilitation Assistant which means not only do 
I get to lay my hands on the crippled and lame and cure them, more 
importantly I am not doing fucking 12 hour shifts at weekends,
nights, public holidays etc but am returning to the more normal  
pattern of 8-4.00pm, Mon to Friday.

This means that I can again help you, the little people, 
in deciding which music you should be listening to.

I would like to thank the very generous Joop at
Stoner HiVe for letting me post my occasional rants about the
various albums that have kept me me going over the last year.
Check his site out - very generous reviews with a nice skewed
humour - very unlike my drunken, sweary shouty drivel!

And a hello to Lucas at You May Be Dead And Dreaming
who encouraged me to keep on blogging.