Wednesday 27 February 2019

February Punk/Hardcore releases on Bandcamp

This is not a random list of releases but albums on
Bandcamp that I have actually brought or been sent.

Hands down my favourite find of the month, Stiff
Richards play primal punk'n'roll, digging deep from
the rich well of riffs which was first mined by the MC5,
Stooges, Sonics etc but much faster. Pedal to the metal
tunes that want to make me jump up and down.

Adrenalized are having fun with melodic hardcore.
Controlled solos are sprayed around the tuneful, breakneck
riffs with gang vocals and plenty of power.

Let's go skate crazy with Sober Daze. Great crossover
punk being played with a sense of fun and purpose. Makes
me wish I still had my board.

Better Than Mending play cathartic post-hardcore which
sometimes can come across as another cut'n'paste band
but these guys bring real passion and honesty to the party.

Gamblers fuse raucous punk and hardcore riffing with big 
hooks to create something entirely their own. Very infectious
stuff here.

Anarcho-punk and spoken word combine to make The
Mighty Ur something rarely heard in my collection.
And it fucking works. Socio-political lyrics over the top
of what sounds like Stooges outtakes from "Funhouse"
are of course gonna sound very cool indeed.

The World is a Vampire delivers a serving of unsettled 
noisy goth punk. Add doses of 90's grunge and goth influence 
but create something truly nightmarish with it as they layer 
on bouts of vicious hardcore and moments of complete dementia.

Michigan's Cloud Rat absolutely stuns here with some of their 
best material. A gorgeous haunting piano and vocals track devolves 
into the swirling maelstrom that could only be Cloud Rat - 
blistering and dynamic grinding hardcore with Madison's pure venom on vocals.


Straight ahead, no fucking about hardcore that delivers
it's message in short, sharp, shocks.

Punk rock with catchy as hell choruses and gruff but tuneful
vocals. Anthemic riffs compete with solid song writing and
sometimes that's all you need.

Influenced by 80’s and 90’s punk rock waves and the 
skateboard lifestyle, Blowfuse crafts a style all its own, 
mixing the agressiveness of hardcore punk, the catchy
 melodies of 90’s punk rock, the powerful classic rock riffs, 
with acid and paranoic lyrics.

Mathcore and post-hardcore. Brutal with variation between clean
and chaos. I felt kinda worn out at the end but in a good way.

Noise rock and punk recorded live. Great sound, all yelping vocals
and angular riffs. Say hello to Metal Jeff!

Dr Ghost play anarcho-punk and crossover as if their lives
depend on it. Double bass drum madness drives these scorching
tunes to a frenetic conclusion that makes you press play
when the album ends.

Until next month ......farewell.

Sunday 3 February 2019

January Punk/Hardcore on Bandcamp.

Amplify - Deadlines
Melodic Hardcore that  races along with Skate Punk solos
that are sprayed all over the tracks.

My Favourite Weapon - Welcome To Hell
Punk Rock with melody and passion.

Native World - Native World
Post-Punk with female vocals, ragged riffs that dip a toe into Math-Rock.

Egg - Sophia
Punk with tunes, buzzsaw guitar and world-weary lyrics.

Terra Mater - Holocene Extinction Parts I & II
Two epic tracks of Crust Punk and Hardcore. Never has a 
violin sounded so sinister.

A Restless Mind - Where The Gold Grows
Punk Metal - don't wanna call it metalcore because there is much
more light and shade than normal.

Muro - Ataque Hardcore Punk
Classic hardcore sound - heads down and just play really fast.

Please, Believe! - In Potential
Noise Rock that straddles the world of Punk and AmRep.

Ils - Pain Don't Hurt
Sludge and Noise make an ear bleeding mixture which is
pulled off very well.

When I say Jump - Separation Anxiety
Emo Hardcore that veers between anguish and violence.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg what has been released.
These are the ones I found and jumped up and down to.
I am right and you are wrong.