Monday 30 September 2013

Black Majik Acid interview

It is my pleasure to bring this interview with Black Majik Acid,
to you, my dear readers and download monkeys.

Having been blown away by their self released album, I
had to find out more about their music.

"Grimy riffs that have crawled out from a grave worm into your ears
while the world weary vocals have an equal measure of dread and
despair to them. Distorted solos that conjure up the smell of
overworked amps are strewn across the tracks with power but
also with a great blues/psych feel to them." 

Read the rest of my review Here

1. Can you tell us a bit about the band.

The band idea formed in late 2011, spawned from a previous stoner metal project that fizzled out called Ungoliant. It was a similar band idea, and the first 10 or so Majik Acid songs were originally created by me as song ideas for the previous band.
Right now Majik Acid is currently in a line up transition. The first line up consisted of former Ungoliant drummer, a female bass player, and I. The drummer, having financial hardships that made it too difficult for him to maintain commitment, and the bass player's unwillingness to go through teaching a new drummer the songs has caused some set back. There is currently a great drummer and bassist eagerly awaiting to gear up and play shows. That’s where it stands today.

2. It is obvious that you love Sabbath and Electric Wizard ...... as do I. To me, the feeling of genuine love for the doom genre come across - you seem to have the vibe of “this is the music we listen to - this is the music we play” - fuck ya if you don’t like it!

Thank you. I've come to realize that that is the attitude needed to accomplish the desired outcome. Lots of people are looking to brand someone else as a 'poser' these days, so yeah, I've definitely adopted the; “this is the music we listen to - this is the music we play” - fuck you if you don’t like it!" attitude. Unfortunately, that is necessary among some circles.
My older brother turned me on to Sabbath 20 or so years ago. The first song i learned on guitar was Iron Man and Paranoid.
I love the idea of expanding on early Sabbath concepts. Music is my first true love, and my heart has always been set on the darker noise. Electric Wizard is a good template to work from, and because I lack the guitar virtuosity skills of Iomi, I look to the Wizard for a more simplistic approach, tending to focus more on the fat Wizard-like riff based song structuring.  Sabbath started it all for me though.

3. I thought the production on the album was really good, powerful & aggressive with a “very live” raw sound - are you pleased with it?

Overall yes. 'Chaos Sphere', as it was a little sloppy and I want to re-record that. The recordings were meant to be demos, for the purpose of shopping to replace the old drummer and bassist. A little buzz started with these recordings that was pretty unexpected.
Recording the demos was a gruelling process, considering the lack of recording equipment. I played all the instruments myself. The mix of drums and guitar is the guitar track recorded on a small handheld, played through an old 100 watt P/A, with me playing drums live to it while videoing it with a Flipshare camera. The audio picked up by that small shitty camera mic is the guitar and drum you're hearing. The bass and vocal tracks were done using a small handheld recorder, also, and the mixing of it all was done using Windows Movie Maker.
The shitty laptop used to produce it had no capacity to upload recording software, so I just worked with what was available, to get this shit recorded, so as to get a rhythm section.

4. How has the general reaction been to the release? It seems to me that while blogs/zines cover underground music, getting any response from the outside world seems nigh impossible.

Yeah, the reaction was more than expected actually. Within a few days of release, 'Hand of Doom radio' in Australia bought the digital album, wrote up a kind review, featured it as 'Riffage of the Day', and added it to their roster of radio play stoner jams.
A few blogs including yours graciously wrote reviews as well.
 I never expected to sell the tracks when setting up the Bandcamp, and paid no attention to the price setting feature. Then days later, people here and there are paying $7 for the album!!! It was pretty crazy…Much of the positive reaction received has been from outside the country, which makes sense.
The local music community here is pretty clique, and I think American consumers are generally pretentious snobbish assholes when It comes to consumption. If something hasn’t been commercialized, and sold out to the masses, then it's worthless to them.
 Even on a smaller scale, local music communities claim to be better than mainstream in principle, but in fact, they are usually guilty of the same thing, with stuck up cliques, elitists, and all the bullshit politics that come with that sort of thing. It sucks cause' this attitude chokes out good local music and creates a façade of what is supposedly 'good' or 'cool'. Anyway- I never expected to go beyond that threshold. It’s an unreasonable self-expectation, and I would end up quitting before I even started. Really- its people like you that make this shit real.. You guys that support for no reason other than you like what you hear-despite clique popular opinion. That's true artistry. It's hard to articulate an appreciation for that, and I thank you.

5. Is there an active scene for your sort of music - I always think of any band coming from California having a much lighter feel than doom.

Haha…I'm not sure. I think that with the great Stoner/Psych/Doom bands coming out, it is becoming somewhat of a trend so yeah, there is. I'm not super impressed with the cookie cutter crap that I hear with the genre (Nor am I - Tony), and I think there is a lot of that coming out as well. Opportunists see it as a way to gain money and prestige it seems. That’s cool if they are good, but when they sound like everything else, it gets annoying. I don't pay much attention to 'the scene', where as I mentioned before, all the politics and hypocrisy being so disheartening and uninspiring, it's difficult to find support there, so yes, and no I guess.

6. How does this translate to putting on your own gigs or are there plenty of places to play?

Ha.. Yeah, that's all politics too. Majik Acid has played twice, before the band line up fell apart. It seems difficult getting an appropriate show booked as the sound that BMA is going for is different than what people sometimes consider the genre to be. As you mentioned earlier in your review of us, some bands claim a particular genre like doom or stoner, and when they play live they look and sound like Nickel Back. On the other side of that spectrum are the elitists who book shows and the band line ups are formed with political bias based on what's popular with hipsters and other elitists. It’s a hard road for sure.

7. Do you find places like Bandcamp are able to get your music out to a much wider audience than just gigs and friends?

Oh yeah. The little buzz being generated is reaching the UK, Greece, Australia, and beyond, though not locally. This bitter sweet anomaly affirms two things; the somewhat apparent success in the direction Black Majik Acid is going, and the apparent failure of local music communities in acknowledging and supporting their 'scene'.

8. What is next for Black Majik Acid?

An EP split release is in the works and should be out very soon. I was actually working on a good part of it yesterday. Song ideas true to the Black Majik Acid sound you've heard continue to flow for now. There are probably 30 solid song ideas in the works. The next batch of Acid jams are mostly mapped out, and the hope is to finish one per week until they are done. About 6-7 songs. The same Windows Movie Maker process will be used- so expect the same lo-fi rawness as before. Hopefully this release will be consistent with the first. There are no plans of changing up the sound at all. The new members will be dialled in soon, and shows will definitely be played. If all goes well, we'll be touring abroad and hit your home town with a solid dose!!! Thank you so much for entertaining my rants, and I look forward to future interactions, as well as more great bands and band reviews on the Black Insect Laughter blog! You guys rock!!!!

Thanks for replying to my drivel,

Friday 27 September 2013

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness

Eye bursting, pill popping, drug stabbing, beer drinking,
piss taking, shit throwing, ear bleeding, amp smashing,
guitar shredding, throat rupturing alert!!

The driving force behind Yellow Goat and many other
projects brings you a collection of thrash/metal/punk/crust
under the guise of the mighty Toxic Holocaust.

This is filthy sounding rock’n’roll that is exciting, heavy, fast
and fun all at once. Think Motorhead crossed with Zeke and
Discharge extremely pissed off and you should know
what to expect.

Scorched-earth guitar solos are machine gunned across these
tracks which are raw and distorted hymns to all that is abrasive
and headache making. The vocals, are of course pretty fierce
and are heavily reverbed which puts me in mind of early
Venom for some reason.

The riffs are great and just keep coming along with reckless
abandon. Joel Grind sounds like he is having a blast playing
these songs and it come across as infectious bursts of perfectly
formed gouts of foot-stomping mayhem.

I whole heartedly recommend this and can say with no doubt
that this will go into my albums of the year list.

Thanks to Becky at Pioneer Music Press for sending this to me.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Clutch - Earth Rocker

From Maryland USA.
Very strong candidate for the upper echelons of my best 
of 2013 list!

 Fucking marvellous....shit kicking big rock good that I nearly 
broke the steering wheel by pounding it in time to the great slabs of riff 
assaulting my ears! Great songs and vocals with stunning guitar throughout. 

A little hard to categorise (which is a good thing)...  Hard Rock is 
probably the closest ...imagine Monster Magnet if they weren't obsessed 
with Sci-Fi and Hawkwind and that the vocalist is a close relative of  
MM's Dave hopefully get the picture. A real feel 
good album to raise the spirits and which doesn't disappoint on repeat listens.

For more info on the band's lengthy existence click Here

Below is the the title track from this album done live.

Doug E Dogg

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Fangs Of The Molossus - S/T

Hailing from Italy, Fangs of The Molossus play a heavy blend
of Psych/Doom with a big dose of heaviness thrown in.

Big distorted riffs are hurled through the air complete with
dirty sounding wah-wahs that straight away make you feel
at home. Clean vocals are buried in the mix, giving them a
claustrophobic feel that envelops the listener.

The solos are quite low on distortion meaning you can hear
them over the eerie drones and massive wall of noise that are
pounding away.

The harshness is sometimes offset by song passages that
seem almost organic and have a live jam quality to them
which flows effortlessly along.

Dark atmosperics are created by soundclips and sparing use
of some keyboards but the overall tone is heavy, dark and

Sure, these guys obviously love Sabbath and Electric Wizard -
guess what, so do I - stop fucking around crying about genres
and get hold of this now.

Friday 20 September 2013



Yup......I know....I'd left it far too long to go and see a band who I'd always liked but never got my arse in gear to go and see. After 2 very strong support acts, The Scientists (legendary Aussie noise band) and Fur Bible (featuring Kid Congo Powers - ex Gun Club and Cramps) I was really up for what the Banshees had to offer....however mid way through "Christine" (about the 5th or 6th song) Siouxsie fell to the stage after some of her trademark swirling about. There were some moments of confusion on stage and when the band stopped playing this confusion/surprise/shock spread to the audience. The upshot of it was that she had dislocated her kneecap and would be unable to continue...the cancellation of the gig was announced by a band member as she was carried from the stage to go to hospital. I, like everyone there, was left rather stunned and a little empty inside after the evening had held such promise.  

I was genuinely at this infamous is fully documented at length on "the net"'s one such link - Here
I was watching this from up on the side of the Arena towards the front so had a good view of it all.....after about 45 minutes the band left the stage.....a bit short for a main set I and many others thought but they'll be back to do multiple encores and send us all home happy !! Nothing could be further from the truth...Richie Blackmore had one of his infamous hissy fits and refused to go out again to play !! After 10 minutes or so a great disquiet began to brew in the venue.....why hadn't they come back on....the crowd had been shouting for wasn't as if they'd been booed off or anything......I think I recall that it was when all the house lights came on and music was being played that the penny dropped that the gig was over. Sure, I and the people I went with felt cheated and disappointed but there were a great deal of people who took it a lot worse....basically anything that wasn't (initially) nailed down was being hurled with great gusto towards the stage landing on all the bands was a brave roadie who ventured out front that night. The people in the mixing desk appeared to have had to adopt a siege mentality and were trapped in their box as leads etc were no doubt being removed from out side. One of the strongest images of the evening was a number of guys who had uprooted a number of seats linked together and were charging at one of the PA stacks as though they were using a battering ram !! We decided to leave before things escalated but found equal amounts of chaos outside of the arena where there was a lot of noise, shouting and the sound of things breaking.....this sound continued all the way back to the tube station where there was the frequent sound of breaking glass soon to be interspersed by the sound of police sirens. Apparently the show the following evening went off without a hitch...thanks Richie !!

I attended this with the creator of this fine site that you are now on and he will no doubt wish to add his own words of disgust after mine !! I was looking forward to seeing Bob Mould as Tony had always gone on about Husker Du and I'd really liked what I'd heard so jumped at the chance to join him at this gig. We were a little disconcerted by the apparent lack of any obvious large bits of amplification on stage and hoped that this would appear when Bob was due on stage.......but NO......all that remained was a small miked up combo and an acoustic guitar.......Hmmm...Oh well....some cracking acoustic versions of Husker Du classics would be interesting to hear....but NO....we were treated to a string of horrible dull songs which left us both truly shocked and underwhelmed. I was thinking to myself "this is shit...but I'll stay here with Tony because I know how much he likes him"....not long after I thought this Tony turned to me and said he'd had enough of this twaddle and that we should leave immediately......I didn't argue !!

I'm struggling to recall exactly why I went to see this lot again......I'd seen them once before and they were ok....I can only assume that a mate had a spare ticket and was driving !! They are not a band I suggest that anyone who normally uses this site checks out under any circumstances as they are the light side of progressive keyboard based pomp rock, very much in the Yes mould....another band to avoid at all costs. The performance was from the very start embarrassing and simply dreadful....I really couldn't believe how bad they half way through, the bar beckoned !!...and there I stayed until it had all finished......met back up with whoever and went home.

Yes....Kurt Cobain's Nirvana who would become international stars within a year from this gig...Here they were, first on the bill supporting Tad and headliners Mudhoney, who we had gone specifically to see. To put it bluntly Nirvana were absolute crap...a chaotic tuneless racket...that wasn't just my opinion...the area in front of the stage was nowhere near as full as the bar out the back ! They got a very muted response and their set was soon forgotten as Tad set about their business..... they were, I thought, the best band on the night having not being overly impressed by Mudhoney either. Nirvana's set list from the night is available to view Here
So that's why if anyone ever asks if I ever saw Nirvana live that I reply "yes...they were rubbish !!".....ask me if I like the album "Nevermind" and I'm rather more enthusiastic !


Thursday 19 September 2013

We Are Knuckle Dragger - The Drone

We Are Knuckle Dragger return with their new album - The Drone.

Steve Albini is no longer at the production helm, instead the able
hands of Ross Robinson are there to twiddle knobs and to my
ears, it is for the better.

Gone is the trademark Albini brittleness - this is a more
solid sounding album, more denseness and power.

The band still play a fucked up variation of sludge and hardcore
which jars with choppy time signatures and chaotic riffing - and
guess what? It still sounds great.

Short, sharp shocks of power and aggression assault your ears
but there is a skill in the surgeon-like precision of the song
structures that makes sure that you do not get too overwhelmed.

There is an experimental vibe that never descends into prog-wank - 
these riffs are startling and strange, full of murky unspoken threats
that make you realise that this band are not here to make friends
but want to make a noise at huge volumes because they can!

Top notch stuff!

Thanks to David at Sapien Records for sending this.

Released 21st October - Get it Here


Wednesday 18 September 2013

Windhand - Soma

Windhand have emerged from the depths of some Lovecraftian
landscape to deliver an album dripping in doom, portent and

"Soma" delivers 75 minutes of subterranean hymns weighed
down with atmosphere and foreboding.

The guitars are wickedly fuzzed and low-end, giving the songs
a decidedly enveloping sonic envelope on which the band can
run riot. The tracks are (and I'm gonna use words that have been
overused to such an extent that they are now common place in 
reviews and are in danger of being just lazy cliches but in this
case they are well deserved)... epic, monolithic and majestic
with their length and breath of vision and sheer brooding
riff mongering!

Dorithia Cottrell sound like the weight of the world is on her shoulders.
The vocals have passion and soul but never resort to just screams, instead 
the melodic chants give a plaintive feel - buried down in the mix, are
they pleas for help or a softly spoken curse?

Solos are not fretboard wanking but slow, unhurried notes that
carry real purpose and meaning and fit in perfectly with the song
passages. The track "Evergreen" is an acoustic track of tenderness
and peacefulness which gives a calming effect before the descent
into darkness continues.

The last track is 30 minutes long and is their "Dopesmoker". Wind 
effects, slower passages and one almighty circular riff that just kills
got me nodding until the end.

This is Doom at its best.

Thanks to Bob at Relapse for sending this.

EyeHateGod Auction - In Memory of Joe LaCaze

This is a direct lift from the Sludgelord blog

If there is anything you can do regarding the auction for
Joe LaCaze, get in touch with them

In Memory of Joe LaCaze, 1971-2013

On Aug 23rd, the metal world mourned the loss of a true legend within the underground scene. Joseph M. LaCaze, a New Orleans native and founder member / drummer for Eyehategod, has left a legacy which few can match and it was with heartfelt sadness the news filtered through that another life was cut so tragically short.

I remember seeing Philip Anselmo wearing an Eyehategod tshirt back 1994 on the I’m Broken video if I remember correctly. I was in my early teens at the time, as a result I convinced myself that I had to buy their music, such was Pantera’s influence on me at the time. Now, 20 yrs later, I can recollect with fondness that the record I bought was ‘Take As Needed For Pain’, which to this day is their best record. On first listen my virgin ears could not cope, feeling that at the time, the record was unlistenable, such was the angst of Mike Williams vocals. It is now a mainstay in my metal playlist to this day and a must have for any metal fan.

Eyehategod, always seemed to be like a brotherhood and despite the various mishaps or problems within the ranks, it only appeared to reinforce their desire to continue. I had the pleasure of seeing Eyehategod play in Manchester in 2012 and I have to say it was one of the greatest gigs I have witnessed and indeed It was pleasure to observe Joe LaCaze setting up his drums, emphasising to me, that despite having been together for nearly 25 yrs, they had just the same DIY attitude now, as they did when they first formed. Live, Eyehategod were untouchable.

Behind every great band, there is great drummer, if a band does not have that, they don’t have shit. Joe LaCaze was just that, nothing flashy, but just an awesome presence and at the centre of everything that is Eyehategod was about. LaCaze — who also drummed in Eyehategod offshoots Outlaw Order and The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight — leaves behind a formidable legacy within what is now known as the sludge metal scene. He will be missed.

The Sludgelord want to show their support to Joe’s Legacy and we have set an Eyehategod auction. We are asking bands, labels, fans if they would like to provide merch which can then be sold to raise money for the Joe LaCaze family or a charity of their choice.

Following our initial post on our facebook page, we have had many kind offers, which is amazing, however we are asking for more. So please help!! Once we receive the merch, we will auction it off on the Sludgelord facebook page. If bands, labels, fans wish to offer something for this auction please email me Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for this brilliant cause. It is time to give something back to a man, who has provided the metal world with so much. Please email me and share this link and help us raise awareness, so we can do the very best we can in memory of the late, great Joe LaCaze. Hail The Riff!!

Monday 16 September 2013

Gunslingers - Massacre-Rock Deviants Inquisitors

What do you get if you cross Turkey Bones & The Wild Dogs
with a demented take on the Gun Club?


Using the rhythm section from Aluk Todo, the 2 tracks merge
into a 17 minute trip that pulses and sprawls like a drugged-out
snake crawling through your brain.

Distorted vocals alternate between slurred speaking and disjointed
yelps, giving the impression of someone trying to recite poetry under
great duress.

If you have ever thrilled to the guitar playing in the VU "I Heard Her
Call My Name", you are in for a treat. Chaotic train-wreck solos and
riffs are pushed to the front with reckless passion and aggression
that only overdriven amps can provide. This is primitive punk/psych
and I can only wish for an album worth of material!

Thanks to Andy at Riot Season Records for sending this.

Ufomammut's Europe dates.


    In less that two weeks time, Ufomammut will excavate items from their pliocenic past, keeping their third eye pointed at the future - embarking on the 'Magickal Mastery Tour', a journey through fifteen years of Ufomammut music, performing under a new light songs from Godlike Snake to ORO, as thanksgiving to fans for their support and devotion.

   As the tour draws near, Ufomammut astonish with their perfect amalgam of audio and visual psychedelics, as seen in the latest video to be unleashed. Now if this doesn't persuade you to join them, then I don't know what will!

(warning, contains flashing images)

Ufomammut comment..."Only a few days to the beginning of the Magickal Mastery tour, a sonic flow that forged us, that is arising again taking a new shape inside our minds and our souls. We're totally looking forward to share our favourite songs with all of You!"

   Don't forget that kings of rural metal dirge and harvesters of riffs Zolle are bringing their surplus produce on the road this Autumn with fellow countrymen Ufomammut, and they're sure to come out scythes swinging! They'll be on the road with Ufomammut on all dates between 25th September - 5th October inclusive. Here's Zolle introducing themselves as the latest conductors on the Magickal Mastery Tour:
25 sept - Arena - Vienna (A)*
26 sept - Stattwerkstatt - Linz (A)*
27 sept - Kulturpalast - Wiesbaden (D)*
28 sept - Het Depot - Leuven (B)*
29 sept - Vera - Groningen (NL)*
01 oct - The Fleece - Bristol (UK)*
02 oct - Brudenell social club - Leeds (UK)*
03 oct - The Underworld - London (UK)*
 04 oct - 4AD - Diksmuide (BE)*
05 oct - Römer - Bremen (D)*
06 oct - KB18 - Copenhagen (DK)
07 oct - Blitz - Oslo (NOR)
09 oct - Luttako - Jväskyla (FIN)
10 oct - Kuudes Linja - Helsinki (FIN) with Suma
11 oct - Yo Talo - Tampere (FIN)
12 oct - Nuclear Nightclub - Oulu (FIN) 
17 oct - Progresja - Warsaw (PL)
18 oct - Bii Nu - Berlin (D)
19 oct - Keep it Low Festival - Munich (D)
*all dates with Zolle in support

Friday 13 September 2013

American Sharks - S/T

American Sharks play dirty punk rock'n'roll - this 19 minute
album is like taking your first cheap chemical drugs trip - 
frantic, full of bright lights and noise and over too quickly,
leaving you wanting more.

Carrying on from where Electric Frankenstein and The Hellacopters
left off, American Sharks are like a shot of adrenaline mainlined
into the brain. 

Remember when music was about energy, singalong choruses,
dazzling guitar breaks, sweat and passion? These guys do.
One of my fave bands used to do this - they all had the surname
of Ramone! This album just makes me feel happy and violent
at the same time - a perfect combination.

With a bass sound that Lemmy would be proud of, the songs
cruise along with an unstoppable drive over which the frantic
vocals spit out lyrics for songs titled "Freak Out" or "Satan's
Overture Pt. 1". They are not trying to be the darkest or brutal or
whatever the fuck this months "core" scene is supposed to be -
this band just wanna play fast and powerful and kick some arse
on the way.

Which sometimes is all I need!

Released on 17th September.

American Sharks - get some Here

Thanks to the band for sending this.


Thursday 12 September 2013

A Storm Of Light - Nation To Flames

Ever since the 2011 release of "As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us,
Our Silver Memories Fade", I have been waiting eagerly
for this new album.

And my review could really be just 3 words -


This is a heavier Storm Of Light on display this time around. 
The song lengths have been trimmed but have not lost the epic feel, 
now there is a bruising urgency to proceedings which pummel the 
senses with multi-layered, atmospheric slabs of destruction.

The guitars are alive with tension and distortion and the riffs sound
like empires crumbling under the weight of broken promises. Tempos
have been increased giving the songs an undercurrent of controlled
frenzy - the tension threatens to spill over into chaos but always the
heaviness is present.

Tribal drumming underlines the shamanistic nature of the lyrics - 
repeated phrases hammer home lines into your skull.

This should be in everyones album of the year list - in case
you are not sure how magnificent it is, I shall repeat -


Thanks to Lauren at Rarely Unable PR for sending this to me. 

Band Blurb:
New York metal alchemists, A STORM OF LIGHT, will unleash their long-anticipated new studio offering this Fall! Entitled Nations To Flames, the 11-track follow up to the band’s critically-lauded 2011 opus, As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade, was recorded with Travis Kammeyer (OCOAI, Generation Of Vipers) at Fahrenheit Studios in Johnson City, Tennessee, mixed with Matt Bayles (Isis, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Botch, Mastodon) at Red Room Recording in Seattle, Washington and mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, From Ashes Rise, Nails) at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon.

Additionally, Nations to Flames features Soundgraden’s Kim Thayil and Indian/Nachtmystium’s Will Lindsay on select tracks.

Centered around the apex of human failure, Nations To Flames bears witness to the fall of all governments, all nations, and all religions. The record is both musically and thematically captivating and marks the STORM collective’s darkest, most immediately punishing creation to date.

Comments A STORM OF LIGHT founding guitarist/vocalist Josh Graham “These songs are much more focused. Even the more ‘epic’ songs are shorter but still accomplish the same journey as the longer songs used to. We’ve ditched the rock elements of the last record and  let our early influences of Killing Joke, Bad Brains, Metallica and Crash Worship seep in. We are bringing back the intensity of Black Ocean but with the speed and precision ore akin to our metal influences. While there are still some slower/sludgy tunes, some songs are twice as fast as the older material.”

Buy Here


Wednesday 11 September 2013

Integrity - Systems Overload remix

Integrity fans should definitely check out this
project from the band.

Following the recent announcement that the classic early-1990s lineup of the insidious INTEGRITY will reunite for A389 Recordings’ tenth anniversary bash this Winter, Illinois-based hardcore purveyors Organized Crime Records is preparing to officially release a keystone piece of the band’s discography in a whole “new” way.

Initially released in 1995 via Victory Records, INTEGRITY’s Systems Overload is one of the most vicious and iconic pieces of hardcore storied lineage, and while countless legions worldwide will forever praise the album it was never presented in the way the band had initially intended. Due to rushed/confused mixing sessions and after countless remixes, the final product that was submitted had buried so many elements and filled it out as a more modern sounding hardcore sound.

Last year former INTEGRITY guitarist Aaron Melnick and current guitarist Robert Orr collaboratively took on a mission to bring forth the true vision of what the now iconic Systems Overload LP was to have brought forth initially. By unearthing the initial masters of the extensive recording sessions, the guitarists from two different eras of the band pulled elements of alternate takes of the songs to a new level, incorporating new contributions from both Melnick and Orr with lost solos and divebombs from the initial sessions. The new mix showcases a much more organic and haphazardly raw side of this timeless album -- bearing fan favorites like the opening track “Incarnate 365,” the rabid “Armenian Persecution,” the plodding “Jimson Isolation” and the enduring title anthem -- the dark, visionary brutality of the initial recording is retained, but the band’s punk and Japanese hardcore influences erupt forth with new vitality.

Following their extremely limited Halloween MMXII LP and Record Store Day editions of the A2/Orr+ mix of Systems Overload early in the year, Organized Crime Records will now issue an official LP version of the album; the next in an ongoing series of INTEGRITY title represses already including Palm Sunday, Those Who Fear Tomorrow, the original mix of Systems Overload, the In Contrast of Sin 7” and more. The Systems Overload A2/Orr+ mix LP comes out next week on three wax color schemes -- clear with red swirls, clear blue and white -- all including a digital download and liner notes from both Melnick and Orr on the process of putting the album together. Preorders can be placed HERE. Long-running Revelation Distribution is the official distributor of all Organized Crime Records releases.

Witness the INTEGRITY Systems Overload lineup -- Dwid Hellion, Aaron Melnick, Leon Melnick, Chris Smith and Mark Konopka -- as they reunite on stage at the A389 X Bash in Baltimore this January along an insane lineup still to be announced.

Thanks to Ear Split for info.

Kawabata Makoto's Mainliner UK tour

Great news from Andy at Riot Season Records -
motorpsycho Kawabata Makoto is bringing his band of
noise terrorists to the UK.

Get your tickets and get your brain blown!!!!

First Tour Of The UK & Ireland September 2013

Monday 9 September 2013

Black Majik Acid - S/T

I love Doom music. I really like doom with elements of
stoner, sludge, psych mixed in with it. But there seems to be
a trend today to add that tag to anything that has guitars in it
and has a slowish song. 

Hey man, I am playing a shit load of great sounding '70's
influenced bands that rock like a bastard ..... but it is NOT doom.

Black Majik Acid ARE a doom band and thank fuck for their

All the elements that make this wonderful genre so unique are
played out to the fullest extent!

Grimy riffs that have crawled out from a grave worm into your ears
while the world weary vocals have an equal measure of dread and
despair to them. Distorted solos that conjure up the smell of
overworked amps are strewn across the tracks with power but
also with a great blues/psych feel to them.

The recording is lo-fi and raw but the album more than makes up
for this by having a authentic love for the music played, the tracks
almost have sweat and blood dripping out of the notes. Besides I
like my music raw and it suits the mood perfectly.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending album.

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Friday 6 September 2013

Lizard Queen - S/T

Lizard Queen are stoner band with a thick,
warm tone that makes your head nod along nicely.

Echoed vocals sit on top of the tracks which are
all pretty much over the 5 minute mark. Great fuzzed
out wah-wah solos hit the mark with a real feel for the
vintage sound of over-driven amps. The riffs are meaty and
solid with a relentless feel to them.

Hypnotic sounding but never becoming boring, attention
has been paid to song composition and the results are driving
slabs of dusty, desert goodness.

You either like this sort of stuff or don't.

I do!

Thanks to Zoe for sending this to me.

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Thursday 5 September 2013

Årabrot - Årabrot

You know what to expect from Årabrot and this
is no exception - big lung bursting vocals with undercurrents
of promised violence, depth charge riffs that are set to explode
in your brain and a wall of sound that sounds like a black hole

Noise and sludge make a deadly combination and Årabrot have 
returned with the follow up to “Solar Anus” with another slab of manic  - 
and quite frankly - crazed and demented collection of songs which make 
you feel violated  and uncomfortable. The album as a whole is multi-layered 
which reveals its dark secrets each time you play it.

Destructive noise has never sounded so good or pure - you are not
promised an easy ride with this music but it is fucking addictive and
once hooked, your tiny world will never be the same again.

Highly recommended!

Thanks to Rachel at Silver PR for sending this to me.

Band blurb:
Årabrot’s self-titled sixth album will be released via Fysisk Format on 19th August.

The album succeeds the Steve Albini produced Solar Anus, which gave the band a Norwegian Grammy, listed as a top ten underground album of 2012 in Mojo and rave reviews worldwide.

While writing this album, singer and guitarist, Kjetil Nernes inhabited an old abandoned church just across the border in Sweden. A pastoral Swedish countryside where time has stood still for generations, where evenings of pious Christianity followed days of hard labour in the soil, playing mind games with the devil.

The album features a widened family of Årabrot-collaborators, most notably Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh/4AD) who in addition to recording and mixing the album, also plays bass and sings backup vocals. The recording session itself was a contradiction to the rabid mixing process - set prices and clear working conditions for professional musicians. Basic riffs, percussion and vocals were laid before Norwegian experimental music stalwarts, Lasse Marhaug and Erland Dahlen added their musical substance to the mix. A sudden visit by Laura Pleasants of Kylesa resulted in guest vocals on “Arrabal's Dream.”

While the lyrics on the 2010 release Revenge were a revenge fantasy dedicated to a certain someone, and Solar Anus and Mæsscr told stories of the human beast, this album revolves around breaking away from city life and the feeling of social asphyxiation invoked by them. Nernes has revealed that much of the inspiration for the lyrics has been found in early 20th century surrealists like Georges Bataille and Robert Desnos, mixed with a fascination for the mythologies of Ancient Greece and the Old Testament.

The album was recorded and mixed by Emil Nikolaisen at Malabar Studio in Oslo. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering

Wednesday 4 September 2013


.....formed 2009... from Stockholm, Sweden
A most satisfying album throughout with elements of Zeke, Motorhead, Turbonegro and Glucifer all in evidence.......footstompingly, steeringwheel thumpingly good !! Short sharp and very much to the point.....Bloody marvellous !! Trivia point....the speech at the start of track 9 (Iron Lamb) is from the 1979 film "The Warriors". Try the title track "Original Sin" for size !! 

......from Philadelphia, USA
This sounds like it was recorded in the late 60's/early 70's on some crap equipment and they are all off their heads....great heavy psych-style jamming with a real retro feel.....the quality of recording (beyond "the red" most of the time !!)  leaves rather a lot to be desired for the more discerning listener but to us noise fans it only adds to the overall feel of it all. Here's the opening track from the album....enjoy...

.....formed 2008 from Munster, Germany
If you fancy listening to Monster Magnet, Kyuus and Hawkwind all at the same time, then this album is for you !!.....powerful spacey heavy driving tunes from start to finish. I enjoyed it all immensely !
Check them out now !! .....