Saturday 11 May 2019

3 Chord Propaganda

My band has released an album.
A wiser man than me has said it sounds like
Killing Joke meets Motorhead and the Cancer Bats.
It is free to download.

Your choice.

Thursday 2 May 2019

April Punk/Hardcore releases

This is the stuff that caught my attention this month.
I found most of 'em all by trawling through Bandcamp
or blogs so you don't have to.

Pop punk/punk drive this album along nicely. Infectious
riffs and vocals hooks spew ear worms into your brain
while making you want to jump up and down.

Blistering hardcore/math-rock from Ithaca. Heavy,
blistering guitar work elevate this band heads and
shoulders above the cut'n'paste bands who seem to be
just going through the motions. This is the good shit.

Triple Deke dish up another slice of melodic skatepunk
with such ease and poise you have to wonder why they
have not become bigger than they already are.

Tongues of Fire are post-punk indie warriors who
wanna make your day start off with a bang. Great riffs
and songs with hooks that just slay.

Grindcore/hardcore/powerviolence - all tags that let
know that the ride ahead is going to be a wild one.
Heavy as fuck, this takes no prisoners.

These Japanese bruisers play hardcore with a rightous
power and sound. Add some screaming guitar solos
and all is right with the world.

Hardcore from Uruguay. That's all you really need to
know. Good Stuff.

Ear splitting, soul draining crust/hardcore from Fluoride.
Extreme music for extreme times.

Foxgrave play stupidly uplifting punk. Clean vocals
sit on top of punk'roll songs to fantastic effect.

Some of these bands are Name Your Own Price on
Bandcamp. Some are not. Get downloading.