Saturday 31 August 2019

Doomed & Stoned in England.

This is a monster of a compilation.
In the words of it's creator:

England is the Home of Doom. It's tempestuous history 
writhes with it: Plague and Fire, Invasion and Bloodshed, 
Treachery and Treason.

The distilled essence of this horror seeped into the 
very heart of the land: the opening, torrid peals of
 'Black Sabbath' heralding a new Era in Rock and 
finding resonance in an audience all-too-tired of the 
Hippie Lifestyle they couldn't share. England gave 
the Music World a different perspective...a darker, 
macabre one that spread like a canker across the Pop 
spectrum. Over time it has mutated, twisted into myriad 
forms and pseudo-genres, but that essence, that 'Englishness', 
that eerie symbiosis with the Dark remains. This is not 
the return of English Doom, oh no - It never left.

I believe it is an important audio artifact, a chronicle 
capturing the very best of the Underground scene here 
and an essential reference for future Stoners and Doomers alike. 
The very Best is indeed what's on offer here.

My heartfelt Kudos and Respects to all the Artists 
who gave their contributions freely and with overwhelming 
This was made by you. I salute you.

Reek of STOOM
England, UK

Sunday 11 August 2019

Crust/Anarcho Punk albums you should listen to.

Conflict - The Ungovernable Force

Doom - Total Doom

Crass - The Feeding Of the 5,000

Crisis - Kollectiv

Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla

Amebix - Arise

Antisect - In Darkness, There Is No Choice

I obviously do not own the copyright on any of
these - they are just for listening pleasure!