Thursday 28 June 2012

Mental Architects - Celebrations (2012)

Request from Domino Media.

Mental Architects are a Bulgarian math-rock band with post-rock
influences in the song structures.

Produced and mastered by Aaron Harris, as you can imagine the
sound is full and powerful.

Complex and fast guitars do their mathy thing while the intricate
drums and bass push the intensity of the songs along nicely.

The riffs and tempos weave through time changes but do not
fall into the cut'n'paste template that seems to be used so much
at the moment. Mental Architects have their own identity in this
crowded genre and are stamping their authority over paths that
have been trodden by Don Caballero and Adebisi Shank.

Buy from Bandcamp


Wednesday 27 June 2012

Adrift For Days - Come Midnight

Lachian from Art As Catharsis Records sent me a link with
another fantastic band he is involved with.

Don't waste time reading my fucking senile ramblings, follow
the links and listen/buy a shit-hot album.

Adrift for Days - Come Midnight...
About Come Midnight...
Australia’s smoked-out, psychedelic doom-droners Adrift for Days are back! 
Two years after the release of their acclaimed debut album "The Lunar Maria", comes Adrift for Days’ latest meditation; "Come Midnight...", an ambitious, 71-minute concept album that draws influence from Earth, Jimi Hendrix, YOB, The Doors, Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Rosetta and Boris.
On "Come Midnight...", Adrift for Days have retained the smoky, psychedelic, heaviness that they’ve become known for, while also ambitiously expanding their sound. This sprawling album incorporates elements of doom, drone, stoner, sludge, blues, ambience, psychedelic rock, and post-metal. As a result, the album as a whole is hard to pin down to a single style or genre.
For best results, listen while in the throes of a mescalin binge and lost in the pitiless freeze of the desert night air.
About Adrift for Days:
Adrift for Days formed in late 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Their debut album “The Lunar Maria” was released in August 2010 to widespread critical acclaim, gaining attention from Metal Hammer, Heavy Magazine, Unbelievably Bad Magazine, Metal Obsession,, Drum Media, Mind Over Metal, Metal Rules, Music Feeds, Doommantia and many more publications.
The band have further distinguished themselves on Australia’s live circuit, having played with a huge variety of bands including Cough, Rosetta, Acid King, sleepmakeswaves, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Whitehorse, Meniscus, Breaking Orbit, Helm, Lo!, Space Bong, Five Star Prison Cell, Sydonia, Jericco, and Electric Horse.
Adrift for Days tour dates
13 July at the John Curtin Hotel, Melbourne with Mushroom Giant, Spider Goat Canyon, Roussemoff.
14 July at Enigma Bar, Adelaide with Space Bong, Hydromedusa, Leather Messiah. 
10 August at The Lansdowne Hotel with Space Bong (SA), Summonus, and We Lost the Sea.

What are you waiting for!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Aleph Null - Dale EP (2012)

Band request from Germany.

Aleph Null have released 38 minutes of heavy stoner which
draw upon the crushing riffs used in sludge to great effect.

In parts very heavy but there definitely is a Southern sound to this
band, in particular the vocals have a NOLA vibe to them.

Most importantly, they want to rock like a bastard and carry it
off well.

Although not a stone cold classic, Aleph Null show enough
promise to leave you wanting more.

Because they are good guys, there is a free download at Bandcamp
or Dropbox


Monday 25 June 2012

Uncle Touchy - Everything You Wanted To Know About Violence (2012)

Uncle Touchy write on their band blog that "We're not pretty
boys with swept over emo bangs who sweep pick over
breakdowns. We just want to make your stomach turn"

It is certainly a statement of intent but this album does not make
me sick but makes me want to jump up and down a lot.

They have nailed down the AmRep sound, classy songs
overlaid with a brutal approach with riffs that get under your skin.
Hardcore/noise music attacks your head but unlike so many bands,
there are actual tunes which put these tracks into Jesus Lizard and
The Melvins territory.

Justin Lewis and Chris Moree were spectacular in their previous
incantation of Milquelizard but with Uncle Touchy have created
a vicious beast that wants to kick you in the teeth and make your
ears bleed.

This is going straight to into my albums of the year collection!

Highly recommended.

Because they are good guys - pay what you want at Bandcamp


Friday 22 June 2012

Milquelizard - Disgust-O-Rama (2008)

With titles like "The Sensual, Yet Forbidden Pleasure of the
Ladyboys of Thailand", it's a pretty fair guess that Milquelizard
were not aiming for commercial success!

Mixing Black Sabbath type riffs with punk beats that morph
into hardcore rants, the music changes several times within
each song, giving a schizo feel to proceedings.

The mood is always heavy though, helped in no end by the
punchy production which is top-notch.

The vocals go from croons to shouts to screams and are a perfect
compliment to the distorted and frenzied guitar playing.

If you never caught them the 1st time around and fancy something
that sounds pretty much like one of The Melvins album with Jello
Biafra on vocals, give this a listen.

Because they are good guys, there is a free download on Bandcamp

Thursday 21 June 2012

Objects - Interview

Having been blown away by "Wear A Different Head" by the band Objects, I wanted
to know more about them - Dawid kindly agreed to be interviewed ...... read on.

My previous post is Here

Who is in the band and how did you get together?

Hi Tony ! Thanks for the interest man, we appreciate it a lot !
Objects are:
Olek – vocals,guitars
Jarek – bass
Dawid – guitars
Luk – drums

Getting together was pretty typical band thing. Me and Olek have been friends for years and decided to play some music together. Olek was friends with Luk, so we got together and started jamming. It was really lazy, unprofessional hanging around in the rehearsal room. Then Luk left the country for like 2 years and we just stopped playing. He came back. We made our own rehearsal room and started the band for real. Then we met Jarek and thought he's an awesome bloke, he liked the music so he joined us. That's pretty much it. Nothing dramatic going on :) 

Are you in the band full time?

Not at all man. Actually right now we're having  some kind of break, beacause Luk is gone again haha. We try to figure something out with that. We all have our jobs and lots of other stuff. I personaly treat the band as something really personal, a thing which just happens when the circumstances are right and is something very different from all the other full time activities.

Is there a big hardcore scene in Poland or is it pretty underground?
I think it's not that big, underground for sure, but pretty strong. Everyone knows each other which is a good thing. As for our band I need to say that we're not particulary from the hardcore scene at all. No one knows us haha. We came out of nowhere and no one knows who we are. Some our friends do. Well, the music is not strictly hardcore or punk. It's the attitude and the approach which is more likely to be hardcore/punk thing. We are really and honestly a garage type of band with straight forward, spontaneous, careless approach to writing and playing music which is aggressive, raw, personal. If that's not punk than tell me what is haha;)

Do you have to put on your own gigs or are there plenty of places to play?

There are plenty of places to play and the number of venues is still growing and what's really good – they're becoming more than just regular bars etc. You can gig in some cool places.
Our plan is to gig in rather unusual places, not really prepared for live shows. Just to show how it's really made and how does it sound in our rehersal room.

What has the general reaction been to your release "Wear A Different Head"?

Suprisingly it is really great ! We knew from the start that some will really enjoy it and some will totaly diss it. We aim to spread the word more internaional (what is happening right you know :) ) It seems that people from the US and UK really enjoy it a lot ! We even had a featuring and a small interview with T-Mobile Music which is a pretty big and serious thing that I would never expect to like our stuff. 

The sound is fantastic - powerful and aggressive .... do you record almost live or approach the studio in a different way?

Thanks man !
We are amateurs man, honestly. Half of us is really musically retarded haha. The other half knows what's going on. The studio thing was a really cool story. We're friends with Maciek Wasio, a musician, songwriter, producer. He's an awesome dude who really helped us and to be honest – had major influence on the way we look at the band right. Well, me for sure. We were drinking in one of archways somewhere and he said he wanted to hear our set. He liked it from the start, even though said it was retarded and we cannnot play haha. After 20 minutes he knew just what to do to make it sound really badass...We went to Rolling Tapes Studio in Srebrna Góra. Amazing place, great people, loved it. We made the record in one day. Maciek made the gear set up which took like almost the whole day and then we played the set three times live. Shabang! Done. Then he mixed and mastered it at home. Generally he made a fuckin awesome job.
We really enjoyed it and totally agreed with the whole live recording concept. It was true for us, cause the music is made rather spontanious, on the spot and pretty careless. Thanks to that approach it stayed that way.
To sum up, it was : 1day, 9 songs, 20 minutes haha

Your album is free to download - do you find places like Bandcamp are able to get your music out to a much wider audience than just gigs and friends?

Album is totally free. You can also order a limited edition handmade CD from us, where you set the price. All of the money goes to animal help in our hometown (and fuck you all ignorant bastards who think it's marketing ! It's not, we try to help animals everyday from a long long time ! Not only this time. Sorry needed to say that ;) ) Bandcamp is great and yes, I do think it really helps. Like the whole internet. It's really easier than back in the days when we were teenagers. What helps even more are such awesome music blogs as this, honestly !

Are there any bands in Poland that other readers may not of heard of before that we should check out?

Definitely! You need to check out:

Moja Adrenalina
Woody Alien

Local great stuff to support:

Ass To Mouth
Guantanamo Party Program
We Are Idols
Dead Dingo
you should check out Maciek's Wasio (producer of 'wear a diff. Head') band Ocean and it's last album „Wojna Świń” (war of pigs) – awesome sounding rock shit !

You should easily find them on the web (facebook, youtube)

What does the future hold for you?

Hard to say. Some violent music that's for sure ;) We plan to get together as soon as possible and work on some new material to extend the set length to like 30 minutes and gig. Fingers crossed for that one!
Maybe a music video, cause some of us are working in film industry. We have some stupid ideas for that one :)

You've been interviewing Dawid from Objects.
Objects would like to thank you for your interest and support man !
We will keep you posted about any worth stuff goin on in the band!
All The Best Bro !


Wednesday 20 June 2012

Dead End Friends - EP (2012)

Band request from Austria, via Thomas at StoneFree Booking & Records.

Dead End Friends play elements of stoner/psychedelic rock but the vocals
are delivered with a hardcore ferocity that pushes the stoner genre into
something much more aggressive.

Heavy bass, thumping drums and distorted guitar that can pick out
single note motifs as well as filthy riffs take you through space-rock passages
which open out into a sonic wall of sound.

Check this out if you want something to pound your head to.

Because they are good guys, some tracks are free from Bandcamp


Tuesday 19 June 2012

Floema - Silêncio Carpido EP (2012)

Request from Brazil.

Pretty vague info but Floema is a instrumental solo project by
Guilherme Boldrin. The 7 tracks are totally based in Fruity Loops
programming, mixing a lot of influences, the sound goes from some
glitch electronic oriented  ambient rock to a jazzy vibe and other
drifting soundscapes.

Not being up on this sort of music, I can only compare the slower
works to early Sabres of Paradise and some of the faster tracks do
put me in mind of the Orb.

Guilherme has kindly allowed me to put up the EP HERE

Listen to Floema on Last FM

Monday 18 June 2012

Lightning Bolt - 20 (2012)

This is the next instalment from the Lightning Bolt rehearsal tapes.

Prepare for brain-strain and some bowel-loosening.

Here, my faithful download monkeys, is their own version of events:

"20" was recorded on August 11, 1997 in Fort Thunder R.I. on the old Tascam 424 cassette 4 track Chippendale's high school band had bought in the late 80's. LB recorded 3 takes over three days. Take 1 is thin and take 3 is rockin but the bass drum pedal breaks at the 19 minute mark, so here is take 2. Apparently the session was recorded over a tape of an older recording making the sound even more HiFi than usual. Budgets were tight back then and a new cassette was not in the cards. (So you may have to crank the bass a bit). The concept was simple, set up a clock, start playing the pattern and when the clock hits 20 minutes switch to part 2. The strange thing is on this take we change at the 19 minute mark, defeating the whole purpose of the concept. The only possibility is that time must have been different back then. Either way it was an endurance test and hypnotic experiment. And in a way is the most Lightning Boltesque song of all Lightning Bolt songs. This song was released on cassette on the 1997 Lightning Bolt/Forcefield U.S. tour. It was on the 3rd day after selling a couple copies for $5 each that we realized the master was so quiet it might as well have been blank. Sorry guys. The track was originally labelled "Rescue Mission" but that title was totally arbitrary and "20" seems like a more to the point name. The download is pay-what-you want. You can get it for free, but we do appreciate a donation. Thanks for listening.

Because they are good guys, you can pay what you want from Bandcamp 

Friday 15 June 2012

Bad Biology - People Parts EP (2012)

Band request from Baltimore, USA.

Bad Biology play a very addictive style of twisted punk/art noise.

The 5 tracks show a wide range of original sounds which defy
being stuck in just one genre but if you like Pissed Jeans, you
will dig these guys.

With a powerful production that really seems to capture a live
sound, Bad Biology are full of aggression and drive, seemingly
about to collapse into chaotic noise but the riffs and vocals keep
the song structures going.

Give it a listen!

They have two tracks up on Bandcamp at the moment but soon
will have all five out on a 7" and hopefully put the other songs
up - get them Here


Tuesday 12 June 2012

Objects - Wear A Different Head (2012)

Band request from Poland.

Objects play chaotic and heavy hardcore and are not afraid to slow
the pace down a bit to give extra emphasis to the dirty, noisy songs
that are making your brain hurt.

This is no frills hardcore/noise/punk with suitably angry vocals that
stand out - but thanks to the great production - do not overpower everything.

The tracks are short and sharp but this just means that you can start
playing from the beginning again.

This is good, solid stuff that you should give a listen to.

Because they are good guys - pay what you want at Bandcamp

Watch them live here.