Wednesday 23 June 2010

Comets on Fire - Bong Voyage (2003)

Limited to a 800 limited pressing,
this early Comets on Fire album
show them playing at full noise
rock jam mode.

A live recording, this is sonically
intense music that pays no attention
to categorizations .... guitar freak outs,
wailing vocals, electronic squalls and I
think there is a saxaphone in the mix.

More chaotic than Avatar or Blue Cathedral,
this will clear your ears - Listen
I posted the wrong link, this has now been fixed.


  1. The rar file contains an album by Nevermore. The COF album ist just 54 MB, not 113. Thought it was higher quality than the one I had. Thanks anyway!

  2. Hey man, thanks for pointing that out - I will up load again. Just checked the is 54MB - I probably have the same version as you.

    Cheers for leaving a comment!