Tuesday 9 October 2012

Aperiodic - Future Feedback

Request from Phratry Records.

Aperiodic play a whirlwind type of head-fuck music that I
can only describe as noise-rock free jazz. 
Hey, I own "On The Corner" and "Live Evil" by Miles Davis
but this takes things into a new warped musical landscape that
I have no real experience with - I will try to review as best
I can!

Aperiodic use electric guitar, bass and drums as far as I can tell
but with so many noises being forced out of them, there could be
other instruments that are being tortured beyond human experience. Seb
Rochford type drumming holds the bursts of explosive outpouring
into some sort of cohesive structure that the bass can throb against.
Guitars are scraped, picked and mangled with unholy glee to provide
an almost percussive soundscape. Piano notes drift in and out of
focus before sounding like it has been hurled down  a flight of stairs - 
these are musicians that sound like they are playing at the top of their
abilities to produce a new language that only they can understand. 
Yes, it does demand that the listener pays attention but as the sounds
wash over you, the passages take you onto the next section of controlled chaos.

If you want to take a chance on hearing something new and different or
just to see what I am talking about, give them a listen.

Bio: Aperiodic’s sound is a meeting of Noise and Free Jazz with elements of No Wave, Musique Concrète, and Hardcore. In addition to standard western instruments they utilize world instruments such as gu qin, rudra veena, and surbahar to create freely improvised music. The end result is free, but not aimless. Guitars shift between angular riffing and textural lilt, elastic drumming, and a multi-directional low end. Not surprisingly, Aperiodic doesn’t quite sound like any other group, despite the fact that they currently share members with The Exponential and Holy Fuck (Young Turks/XL/Beggars Group), and previously shared members with Enon (Touch & Go), Lab Partners, and A Ten O’ Clock Scholar (Grass Records). 

Aperiodic began in 1997 in Cincinnati, Ohio but its members currently live in Brooklyn, Chicago, and Dayton. Up until now the group’s output consisted of a self-released cassette and a 7” single (on Generate Records), but they are now releasing their first full length LP, Future Feedback on Phratry Records (Fall 2012). This marks both the 15th anniversary of the band and the 35th release for the label. 

For fans who like Xenakis, Cecil Taylor, MEV, and the Jesus Lizard disfigured beyond recognition.

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  1. They are obliteratingly amazing. i enjoy getting lost in the rhythmic waves of noise. cannot wait to see them live, again!!!

  2. obliteringly- there I said it.