Monday 15 October 2012

Asidefromaday - Chasing Shadows

Band request from France (thanks Aurélien)

Asidefromaday play post-metal but add an almost hardcore
spin on the sound to produce a satisfying album that is dense and
powerful. Monolithic riffs drive the songs along and have enough
diversity to stop them blending into each other.

The vocals are growled and pissed off but are still able to convey
emotion. The rhythm section are very much to the fore in the mix
and this really brings the song arrangements crashing out of 
your speakers. The guitars are razor sharp, enabling picked
strings to resonate before slamming back into chords. This is
a good solid release which please a lot of people.

Bio: With a sound firmly rooted in postcore, ASIDEFROMADAY relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and power as it does complexity, aggression and raw emotion. An original entity, ASIDEFROMADAY deliver music that consumes the listener with massive and hypnotic waves of sound. The band has played more than 250 shows all over Europe with such as band as Gojira/Envy/Baroness/Russian Circles...

All formats available from Bandcamp


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