Monday 22 October 2012

Interlude - A la Deriva

Band request from Impure Muzik.

Interlude play post-hardcore/screamo with a real epic feel
to their songs. Hailing from Spain, these guys sing in their mother
tongue, meaning I have no idea what the lyrical content is but
from the passion displayed, it means a lot to the singer.

They have a powerful sound with a real flair for melodic flourishes
that drive these intense and atmospheric songs. There are some
instrumental passages in which the guitars invoke post-rock/
mathy leads but with a lot more distortion. Very much like
"We Had A Deal', I like this a lot and would recommend this
to anyone into this kinda thing.

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  1. You can grab a vinyl version of the album for 10€ + postage at or sending an e-mail to impurefloyd(at)