Friday 5 October 2012

Naïve - Illuminatis

Band request from France.

Naïve play prog-metal with flair and taste. Bursts of aggression
are tempered with passages of haunting atmospherics that fill
this album. An almost cinematic feel threads the tracks together
while the metal aspect is kept from being too overpowering
by the presence of restrained vocals - think Lateralus era Tool.

There is an epic sweep to the narrative and like Porcupine Tree
at their best, the use of textures and experimental genre shifting
from metal to prog give you a real sense of listening to something

The occasional electronic flourish gives some trippy moments,
combining well with simple chiming guitar motifs that morph
into chugging riffs that drive the songs into heavier passages.

The overall sound is lush and warm - this may well put some
metal-heads off but will be welcomed by fans of this genre.

Bio: Three persons. Three tormented souls. Three happy souls. Three desperate souls. Violence and combat, contemplation and sadness, junction between the ocean and the sky. Mox (Le Minus), Drums and electro, Jouch (Agora Fidelio, Phantom Status) Guitar, Voice and electro, and Rico (ex-Mary Slut) Bass. No limit. From Metal to Synthetic music, from violins to Trip-hop. Melody is a leitmotiv, Rythm is fuel. Let's be Naïve, once.

Three years after its debut full-length record "The end", the trip-hop/metal/rock french crossover from Toulouse Naïve is back with a new album entitled"Illuminatis" and expected this fall. A short video teaser is on YouTube.

"Illuminatis" is available right now for pre-order.

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