Thursday 25 October 2012

Stonerobixxx - R.I.P.

Another blog bites the dust. I am sure that all of you with even a passing 
interest in Stoner and its associated genres have paid a visit to Stonerobixxx.

Read below the message that Robin has posted on Facebook.

Rock on brother and see you soon I hope..........
You were one of the first and best.

My favourite ever title picture.

Dear fans, followers, music lovers & artists alike. About an hour ago STONEROBIXXX has been removed from the blogsphere due to leftovers of older "copyright infringing" download links.

Since I was taking the blog in a totally different direction regarding this matter, this came as a complete surprise to me. The DMCA beast takes no prisoners...

I'm currently working together with a good friend of mine to get things up & running again. At this very moment we are registering a stonerobixxx domain name. For now, please come back to this page for all updates & news.

Sit tight, doom on, share this message. 

With riffs