Tuesday 14 December 2010

Hawkwind - Warrior on the Edge of Time (1975)

This is the last album with Lemmy on. Following
on from "Hall of the Mountain Grille", this has
a more clean cut rock sound than earlier stuff.

Hey, it still has the space psych vibe but with
a much heavier and driving feel which seemed
to fade away in the next couple of releases -
which I have always put down to the lack of
Mr L.

Fantastic songs with a lot of lyrics from Michael
Moorcock - mostly from his Eternal Champion books -
but most of all a great listen all the way through.

As this is from my CD, it also has the bonus tracks:
Kings of Speed and a very slow version of "Motorhead"
........ oh yeah, this would surface in a years time sounding
very different indeed!


  1. Classic. Can't beat a bit of Hawkwind man!

  2. Bowie and Hawkwind were the 1st bands that made me realise that I had to have all the other albums they had done otherwise my life seemed empty and unfullfilled - not bad for a 14 year old!

  3. hey Tony! thanks for the visit to Udols and for the comment in the Soulbreaker Company post. I hope you like it. Good blog and good taste as well. I´ll be watching!

    by the way Hawkwind rules!