Tuesday 21 December 2010

The Jesus Lizard - Goat (1991)

Goat is the second album by the schizo-blues noise band.

Masterful rusty chainsaw guitar riffs scrape throughout
the songs backed by a rhythm section high on strange
punk/funk mutant psychotic moonshine, which all sets
the stage for David Yow and his deranged vocals which
(to my mind at least) remind me of Bad Uncle Nick in
the Birthday Party.

Produced by Steve Albini so you know what to expect -
I know I said I had no more Albini stuff left but so many
of my most played albums feature him in some way, so
expect him to come up again.


  1. Excellent album. BIL is sharp becoming my favourite blog!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Claypool. I was going to give up in the summer but got into the swing of things by just posting when I felt like it and whatever I had just played.

    I sometimes feel bad in not leaving comments on VDO as much as you and ZoSo))) do on mine but a lot of the stuff there is way beyond my pain threshold! I do try a lot of stuff I have never heard before from VDO but I feel that to leave a comment that basically will always say "made my brain bleed - horrible grind/brutal/deathcore - me not like much" is not really what you want to hear!

    But .... there has been a lot of stuff that has really made me jump up and down!

  3. Everyone can't like everything man. Glad you like some of the stuff on there though.
    But yeah, good old Jesus Lizard. Caught the arse end of one of their sets last May at ATP, can't for the life of me remember who we were watching to miss them. Any ideas Claypool?
    Kinks link is updated by the way Tony