Wednesday 15 December 2010

Alien Sex Fiend - Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? (1983)

Shut up! Stop moaning - this is not "goth" ......Nik Fiend
likes to white out his face but this is not music for pale
faced students dreaming of sucking off Neil Gainman.

ASF play a dark version of punk art-rock. For this and the
next 3-4 albums - before they became very electro based-
crappy old synths churned out primitive tribal drum
patterns, guitars riffed away drowned in fuzz and reverb
with an almost psychobilly feel and then there was the
vocals - shouting, talking, chanting, crooning away with
insane lyrics that seemd to be made up on the spot.

"Acid Bath" and "It" were very good as well.


  1. I always found "Goth" to be a pointless term applied to post punk bands with darker imagery and appearances, when there is very little difference in the music. Either way, ASF are awesome.

  2. Cheers guys - I have Acid Bath & It if you want them.