Wednesday 29 February 2012

Tennis Bafra - Abulia Jubilee (2012)

Band request from Sweden.

Here is their press release:

We are Tennis Bafra, your new swedish favourite band and february 6

we released our debut album Abulia Jubilee on DL/LP/CD..

Last year we toured Sweden and before our chevvy van

burst into flames we opened for Polvo (US) at Debaser Slussen,

played at Trästock festival, played with This Is Head (S), with

Kriget (S) at Debaser Malmö, played at STHLM INDIE and also did a gig

in a small bookstore in the tiny corner where they have books for kids.

Tennis Bafra has been torturing our guitars since the mid nighties.

Screaming feedback and noise along with killer rocking tunes makes a

fine union in the hands of us. Once described as slacker noise, we

couldn’t care less. We will be doing this regardless if anyone is

listening. But you should listen.

Wise words, you should listen because this is fucking great stuff.

Taking their cues from Sonic Youth circa "Sister" & "Daydream

Nation" but without the art-rock tag, they want to rock and put

feedback into your lives. Cleanish guitars mean you can clearly

hear the off-kilter riffs and the deadpan bored vocals are a reminder

that there is more than one style of singing.

This is meant to be played loud, possibly in a fast car, arm hanging

out of the window beating the rhythm on the door.

The guys have requested that I do not link the album as it is not available

for digital release yet but you can get the CD or Vinyl Here

Stream the whole album at Tennis Bafra - Abulia Jubilee

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