Thursday 16 February 2012

Disguised As Birds - Black Circles/New Demons

Request from Phratry Records, Ohio, USA.

Here is their press release:

DISGUISED AS BIRDS was born in 2004 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their

new double EP is the band’s fourth release and the thirty-first from

Phratry Records (Cincinnati, Ohio). It is available as an 8-song

vinyl record with a 10-song download. It features the brand-new

“Black Circles” EP as well as a re-release of the 2009 “New Demons”


RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Shiner, Jawbox, Fugazi, Thin Lizzy.

Although the band possesses a dreamy, shimmering quality, Disguised

As Birds have built their sound on a foundation of explosively heavy

rock with frequent comparisons to Shiner, Regulator Watts, Jawbox,

Shipping News and Juno. And despite their artsy leanings, Disguised

As Birds unquestionably has the vibe of a classic rock band. In

spirit, if not in incessant riffing, they pack a great deal of soul

into every measure of every tune. The band has been touring off and

on throughout the MidWest for years. Influenced by all things rock

and roll, art, and the often cold and bleak environment in which they

live, this is a band that can pummel, sprint and soar.


“pledging allegiance to ‘90s noise rock and post-punk”

-- The Onion AV Club

“this Milwaukee-based group’s sound is aggressive while lyrically

introspective; a truly difficult musical feat to master.”

-- Music Examiner

While all the above is a good description, I can also hear

a Sonic Youth feel to some of the quieter moments and

because I am an old bastard and can remember such things,

when they are get into full rock mode, I am reminded of

Swervedriver or Catherine Wheel ........ which is a good thing!


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