Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Next Hundred Years - Obese Momentum

Band request from Canada.

The Next Hundred Years play metal/stoner but have a
depth and complexity to their sound which combined
with the clean sung vocals actually are not a million
miles away from Tool.

There is a frantic energy to the songs but they know
when to pull back and give an almost psych feel to the
more atmospheric passages.

The guitars have a warm fuzz and tone to them but
the addition of a violin playing through effects stops
them becoming just another desert scene band.

While the majority of posts here normally come from
heavier genres, if you want some good solid rock and
like tunes that have some substance to them, give these
guys a listen.

Thanks to Josh for permission to put up link to the album - Here

Video from the album Here

They are recording at the moment and hope to have a new
release out sometime in March - there are some extracts to
have a look at with a short film Here

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  1. Thanks a lot for posting this man. I hope you liked it. I'll send you the new one when shes done...