Thursday 9 February 2012

Lead the Way - And In Vengeance We Strike

From the UK, Lead The Way are rooted in melodic
hardcore but have the infectious groove of skatepunk.

Plenty of distorted, chugging riffs are thrown around
with the occasional tasteful solo to liven things up.

The political lyrics and songs would not sound out
of place on a Propagandhi album but with the more
open passion of Strike Anywhere or Hot Water Music.

For a new band, they certainly hold their own against
the above bands - while not inventing the wheel, they
are going to be worth watching out for - also see them
if they play live, this sort of music just screams out to
be heard in the flesh.

Download for a tiny amount of cash at Bandcamp

All their details on Facebook or own website are under
construction, so no links to them.

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