Friday 17 February 2012

Zeppheroin - The Atrocity Exhibition

Re Post:
Seeing as that my own files for my own music were
taken down in the recent purge, who am I to deny
the general public my own musical noise making?
Here are the new links!

From a template of Punk, the sonic sensibilities of
Post-rock, a smattering of Electronica and an unhealthy
obsession with distorted guitars, Zeppheroin have produced
an album with a disregard for modern production techniques,
going for the mind melting "Raw Power" needle-in-the-red
style that has distressed so many lovers of sterile digital music.

With a cleanish singing/shouting style that delivers the
themed lyrics dealing with loss, religion, self awareness and
governments in a sneer of despair, this 30 minute album delivers
a sonic assault on the world we live in.


This album is all my own work and I urge you, my faithful
download monkeys to spread it all around. Any music blogs
that fancy putting this up, please do - sexual favours may be

Vist my shiny and quite magnificent Bandcamp page for
the free download Here


  1. Nice one Tony! Really enjoyed it. Really developed from those initial tracks

  2. Thanks, ZoSo))) - it really helped getting feedback before the final mixing.

  3. wow! this is really cool tony! noisy sound and punk attitude mixed with some kind of industrial-oppressive atmosphere! This is what it transmit to me... who is the singer? is that you? I love it! I´m gonna spread your noise over the world! hohoho...

  4. Thanks for the kind comments - I did everything, so I am to blame!