Thursday 1 March 2012

Towers - Upcoming Events

Towers - the Portland sludge band - who delivered one
of the albums of 2011 - read review Here - have some
dates coming up that if you are in the area, you need to
show support and get your face melted off!

The first event is the "Ceremony of Sludge" festival put
on by Captain Couch Records - this features sludge/metal/
doom/heavy bands from the Portland area and Towers will
be playing on the second night - March 3rd.

Full details Here

Then on March 19th they play at the "Portland Metal
Winter Olympics"! This has been set up by Nanotear
Booking Agency and involves bands being judged by
members of the local music community. The winners
get studio time and other stuff. Towers have come
through the rounds and now play in the semi-final.

Full details Here

If you can, show them some love.

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