Friday 16 March 2012

Nonogon - People Live Everywhere (2012)

Band request from Chicago, USA.

Nonogon are a post-hardcore trio who have a mathy sound
but without being tied down to the sometimes mechanical
playing that robs the human touch from the "math" tag.

Cleanish vocals are yelped out over the tracks which benefit
from having organic song structures which still pack a punch
despite no obvious verse/chorus motifs.

Technical skills are on show here with great interplay between
all instruments which, thanks to the production, are crystal

The band have requested that I only put up their own links -
as a DIY affair, they are handling all aspects of promotion etc.

Purchase from Bandcamp

Listen to the stream - I would put them between Fugazi or
Don Caballero - better still, make your own mind up!

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