Wednesday 19 October 2011

Towers - The Fields (2011)

Band request from Portland, USA.

Towers play impressive Sludge/Stoner and everything
is LOUD! These 5 tracks were recorded live with no
overdubs and from the sound would be an awesome
band to see live.

Hearing the dense, heavy songs on display - if this is
the material they have having only formed last year,
I cannot wait for the next release.

The atmospherics and pacing of the songs are a
masterclass in how to create crushing heaviness
without retreading the genres cliches.

This reminds me of the Melvins at their most rifflicious
and savage best - give these guys a Listen

Below are links including free download from Bandcamp

Here is their press release:
We formed in 2010 in Portland Oregon, the band consists of Rick Duncan (Bass/Vocals) Max Rees (Guitar) Darryl Swan (Drums)
We just finished recording our first album "The Fields", our bassist owns Electro Motel (recording studio) in Portland Oregon. We recorded this live (no overdubs) all of it is analog on 1'' tape. Rick Duncan (our bassist/vocalist) recorded and mastered the entire album. We started playing live recently and have shows booked here in Portland in the coming months. We are on Reverbnation at, facebook at, and bandcamp at


  1. I'm telling you there must be something over there in that Portland water, tons of great bands coming out of there lately. Look forward to hearing this .

  2. I totally agree with you. Maybe they could sell the water to bands that need help with songwriting!

  3. Tony - MANY MANY thanks to you for bringing these guys to my attention! Seriously just about THE best 'sludge' band I've heard in many a year.

  4. Glad you liked them - I get some real crap sent to me for reviewing, so when this arrived I was blown away. They hope to have a full length album out in the autumn which I will of course put up. In a genre over populated with clones, they have managed to stamp out their own identity.