Monday, 22 August 2011

Goes Cube - In Tides and Drifts (2011)

Goes Cube are a powerful trio who in 2009, produced
one of my best albums of the year - the brilliant
"Another Day Has Passed"

This is a explosive mix of post-metal meets hardcore
- the tremendous tribal drumming and ferocious guitar
lines make sure of this albums power.

A lot of bands, when releasing their second album, often
have a more polished sound or production but this sounds
even more raw and dangerous.

The deranged vocalist barks over the songs and at the same
time, his guitar throws out complex, distorted riffs throughout.

This never lets up the pace and although most songs clock in
at under the 3 minute mark, there is still time for many
twisted compositions that a lot of bands would take far
longer to play before the conclusion.

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