Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Peopling - EP (2011)

Peopling is a noise-rock artist from Brooklyn, NY
and he sent me some info and tracks to review.

As you know, I do like a bit of noise-rock mixed
with my guitars but within reason - all the AmRep
and Brew bands are at my limits of tolerance but
the pure harsh white noise with no tunes - power
violence? - most of which seem to have been inflicted
upon me from Veins Dried Out - leave my brains
dribbling and a queasy feeling in my stomach.

So it was with some trepidation that I approached
this EP.

Hey, it's really good stuff. I know fuck all about IDM,
glitch, skronk and can only describe within the context
of music I know, so:

The 1st track starts off with white noise but is overlaid
with a keyboard swell before starting to pound away like
a Butthole Surfers song at their psychotic best.

The songs have a menacing feel to them and although
the electronic squalls are very much at the forefront of
things, the background is full of human touches, a piano
drifts in and out in one tune, giving it a unexpected haunting
feel, textures are heavily treated but always with an interesting
twist before the distorted guitars and vocals remind you that
this music is being performed and is not just a random
collection of Fruity Loops.

Being no longer than 17 minutes long means that just as you
are making sense of it all, it is over, leaving you with no choice
but to play again!

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