Wednesday 31 October 2012

The You And What Army Faction - Silk EP

Band request from Greece.

The You And What Army Faction favour a clanking, drone
approach to their music which splutters and groans with
textures that sound like a spaceship breaking up as it is sucked
into a black hole.

The vocals whisper menacing phrases over sparse and hypnotic
riffs that start off with clean guitar which slowly builds up with
distortion and intensity. Reverb drenched effects crawl across
the song passages - very dry recorded drums play off-kilter
snatches of rhythm and the bass repeats its own mantra of
solitude and isolation.

There are no sudden explosions of sound or volume to pummel
you into submission - instead, the unsettling arrangements are
the weapon used to stimulate your senses. 

Experimental but without disappearing up the backside of 
self indulgence, this is music to listen to in the dark. Three tracks
are not really enough to get into the flow and I look forward to
hearing a whole album.

Get 7" or Digital - Here