Friday, 16 July 2010

Velvet Underground - The Quine Tapes (1969)

This is for ZoSo))) who is a dribbling mad
VU man. This box set has 3 live sets from
3 different venues - a guy called Richard
Quine had the foresight to record them on
his 2 track.

As normal bootlegs go, this is not a sound
board recording but bearing in mind it's from
'69, it's pretty fucking good.

There are the 2 Live VU albums that have the
picture of the girls arse on but I always thought
the sound was thin and sterile.

These have a much warmer sound and the
band seem to be going for it. This comes
across in the songs and performances.

As it is a 3CD set, you will have to dl in
2 hits. Oh yeah, each set ends with a 30 min
Sister Ray!
Link removed by Mediafire - thanks!


  1. Fuck yes. You are the man. I might have dug up some live roxy for you, ill keep you posted

  2. Thanks for this - I hadn't heard this set before and as you say it is excellent. I get what you mean about the difference between this and the 'girl's arse' set - this sounds more like you are there.