Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Nirvana - Bleach (1989)

You know the band.

You know the history.

Recorded in 30 hours for $606.17 and
released on the Sub Pop label, this is bleak
and claustrophobic rock, full of feedback
and distortion with chaotic and grimy songs,
lyrically sparse but full of Cobain at his best.

This is the sound of a band without the world
watching them, just some guys laying down
some tracks because they wanted to make a noise.

Smug alert - Me & Dougie saw them at the Astoria
as support for Tad & Mudhoney. They played most
of Bleach with some new stuff from what would be
Nevermind ...... turns out they would become quite big!
Link removed by request.


  1. Lord knows that I've tried, I cannot get away with Nirvana. Melvins = champions

  2. Other way around for me - I keep trying with the Melvins as I feel I am somehow missing out but so far out of everything, there is only one album I play: "Senile Animal".

  3. Not even Houdini? Their cover of going blind is pretty good. We got stoned and pissed with Bardo pond and went to see Melvins last year. That was a pretty good day.

  4. Sounds a fucking great day - ashamed to say I have not heard Houdini.