Monday, 23 April 2012

Outtacontroller - Don't Play Dumb (2012)

Found these Canadian boys on Bandcamp and have not
stopped playing the album all week.

Chainsaw guitars spray out Ramones riffs with attitude,
the tunes could of come from the 1st Saints album and
the snotty vocal harmonies remind me of the Buzzcocks
or Strokes.

My review makes Outtacontroller sound retro but they
have a modern sound which propels all the songs along.

This is garage/punk fuzz played with joyful abandon which
combined with lyrics about graveyards, knives, drugs and
boredom leave me jumping up and down and wanting more.

It's only April but this looks like it's gonna be a heavy contender
for one my albums of the year.


Free download from Bandcamp

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