Friday, 27 April 2012

mnttaB - Rocky 4,2 and 3 (2012)

Band request from Melbourne, Australia.

Here is their press release:

You cant dance to this (well you can can try , but you'd probably end up hurting yourself) , it aint never gonna be cool, the "kids" wont like it and it will just look stupid painted on your jacket. 

On the plus-side mnttaB's sound is a stomping noise-pop, synth-punk head-fuck packed with distorted beats, primal hooks and LOADS of shouting: Its great, you will love it...etc etc

Lining up shows in Euro/US this summer. So Look Out.


released 09 April 2012
"I'm nobodies sidekick, dont have to pretend, I wont suffer your mood swings : I will not accept my own weakness.
Cos Im bigger than Elvis, Arnie, Dolph Lungren , Steve Seagal.
Believe me - I'm Rocky 4, 2 and 3.
See I'm big in Spain, Italy and Japan: I'm bigger than Beckham and Jesus AND Bono.
Fuck yeah : I'm Rocky"

mnttaB incorporate spastic rhythms, distorted samples and plenty of
shouty vocals laid over beats to great effect. Short and to the point,
this is as much noisy fun that can be had without a guitar.


  1. I recently got the same request from these guys. It's become policy to honor those requests to at least try and help a band out.

    Also: high five on the Akimbo post. One of my old bands played a show with them in Cincinnati and they were amazing. I thought my band was good but those dudes blew every band that played that night out of the water. After the show, the ended up crashing at my singer's place and everybody got drunk and played Monopoly while listening to Sleep. Now THAT's heavy.

  2. I have asked for requests and am getting quite a lot but some are rankly awful. I am so old now, I cannot be bothered to savage anyone - just the fact some people are trying to make music is enough for me. I either just post and ask people to make their own mind up or email the band back suggesting a better blog to send the demo to!

    Akimbo night sounded great.