Friday, 20 November 2015

The Shrine - Rare Breed

The Shrine have a new album.

If you do not know about The Shrine
stop reading this blog.

What's it like?

Lip smacking, fuzz stomping, amp humping,
solo shredding, MC5 riffing, crowd surfing,
bass throbbing, beer drinking, drum pounding,
drug snorting, sweat flying, fist punching,
head banging, chorus shouting, throat straining,
foot stomping, Flying V playing, ear bleeding,
rabble rousing fucking rock'n'roll.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Kick Out The Jams and the MC5

Albums that burnt my soul - by  guest writer Doug E Dogg

This is an album that is, to me, a constant source of pleasure no matter how many times I listen to it or handle and look at the sleeve. I bought an original 1969 UK release on the orange Elektra label in the late 70's from a second hand record shop in Ealing, West London for the princely sum of £3. The record was far from mint with quite a lot of surface marks making it crackle most satisfyingly when played, but the wonderful gatefold sleeve was in really nice condition. I bought this mainly out of curiosity as I had seen MC5's name appear in various punk related articles and also being frequently name dropped when the new wave of artistes were asked about their influences. I was familiar with the title track but hadn't heard anything else nor did I know anything about the band itself. I think I was a bit shell shocked after the first listen.......I'd not heard anything like it before and was astonished at how "punk" it was.....I wanted to know more....however these were pre Internet days and the local library wasn't exactly jam packed with info on the MC5 !!! There were of course sporadic articles in the music papers of the day (MM, NME and Sounds) and you would occasionally get a bit of in depth info in magazines like ZiGZag. The best article I found was in Record Collector which gave a potted history and of course a complete discography. It explained about the censored version of KOTJ , both the song and the album cover. My gatefold album opens out to reveal a long "revolutionary" rallying call by John Sinclair (their manager of sorts) ending with the words ".....Kick Out The Jams Motherfucker !...and stay alive with the MC5 !" all over a black and white photo of the bare chested 5 looking particularly surly. Sinclair's original message was not reproduced on the re-issued sleeve. The uncensored version of the KOTJ track only appeared for a limited time on the original 1969 US release until Elektra realised what they had released (didn't anyone bother to check ??!!) and withdrew it asap. It was soon back on the shelves with the offending lyric "Motherfuckers" being replaced by the words "Brothers and Sisters" can clearly hear the drop in volume and change in vocal style. Only the censored version was released in the UK. In the 80's RIOR Records released a great compilation of rare outtakes and versions of MC5 songs which included the uncensored version of KOTJ ....what a joy it was to hear it for the first time as it was originally intended........anyway ...I digress.......The gloriously colourful front and back covers are intriguing and somehow convey a feeling of movement ,excitement and add to the mystique of the band.

The songs are simply superb......they have grown on me over the last 30 odd years to the extent that I always have a copy to play in the car and indeed do so probably once every 6 or 7 weeks !! I never tire of joining in out loud with the wonderful band introduction by Brother J C Crawford at The Grande Ballroom Detroit before we are aurally assaulted by these angry men !! I should say at this point that the overall sound makes this about the best "live" album you will ever hear....the whole performance and mix is superb......the guitar sound, especially considering this was recorded in 1968, is astonishing....a wall of noise and distortion from start to finish (They weren't the first band to use such heavy distortion on a record release...that honour probably goes to The Sonics but the Boys from Detroit took it all several giant steps forward). Ramblin' Rose begins proceedings.....and sets the tone for the rest of the trip to the final wind off is a savage way to start even if Wayne's vocals make you wonder if he had had some sort of nasty accident with the zipper on his trousers !! KOTJ is anthem for anyone with a bone to pick for whatever of the great is just so so so powerful..... Come Together carries on the slow destruction of your sound system before the final track on side one....the wonderfully named Rocket Reducer No 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) which is simply brutal. It almost comes as a mild relief if you are listening to this on vinyl that you can take a break from it for a minute or so as you turn it over for the other such respite when its on tape or cd in the car !!

Side 2....and first up is Borderline.....the guitar intro to this track defies working out !!....any of you budding guitar heroes out there give it a go and see if can get anywhere close !! The uniqueness of this intro is further highlighted by a list of released cover versions of their songs on the Official website.....there are multiple entries for most of their songs but only one brave band has ever attempted a version for release of Borderline.....perhaps getting into the same state as Wayne was in when he did this would be the solution but probably not good for your health !! The rest of the song is another excursion into unrelenting guitar distortion..........there follows a slow blues number entitled Motor City's Burning.......tremendous guitar licks throughout and features some of my favourite vocals from Rob Tyner whose performance throughout the whole album is faultless.....his pronunciation of the word "siren" is a wonder to behold !!

I Want You Right Now is probably my favourite track of all....if ever there was a precursor to Heavy/Stoner Rock then this is it. Massive slabs of guitar.....desperate vocals....and the solid rumbling growling rhythm section make this a song to slowly nod your head off to !!
The final track on the album also shows their more experimental side....the first half of Starship is on the lines of what has gone before until it takes on an almost mystical quality....this is probably the hardest track to listen to on this album but repeat playings soon make it an old friend to be savoured along with the rest. If you get the chance to listen to any of the unofficially realised live stuff that's out there then you will come across some of their freeform stuff that makes the end of Starship sound like a Pop tune !!

There we have words cannot really do this album justice...for that to happen you need to listen to it again and again and it will always reward you. It never ever fails to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

I hope that like myself you will be intrigued by this band and decide to find out more and discover the rest of their catalogue and rare live footage that has fortunately survived for us to marvel at and enjoy. A word of caution.....their 2nd album "Back In The USA", whilst full of great songs, may come as a bit of a shock after listening to their debut offering as the production on this is of the same gutless quality that spoils the first Clash album !!

Their 3rd and final "proper" album "High Time" is absolutely brilliant and features some tremendous songs that are well produced. 

The live stuff I spoke of is rather hit and miss....more miss actually...not from a playing or content point of view but simply due to the poor quality of most of the recordings. This is of course understandable given the equipment that was available and the likely state of anyone who may have been trying to record it !! The best is probably their gig at the Sturgis Armoury on 27th June 1968.....about 7/10 on sound quality but well worth a listen. An interesting cd covering their very earliest performances is '66 Breakout released by Total Energy....try putting yourself in the position of a member of the audience hearing Black To Comm in all its glory for the first time in the mid-60's !!
My final recommendation is a brilliant little book called "Kick Out The Jams" by Don McLeese of the 33 1/3 series of books on albums published by Continuim....highly informative and interesting to read , this gives a good history of the band and the political and social climates of the time.....and of course an in depth look at their debut album.
There you have it.....if you've never heard the album I urge you to do so without delay....if you are already a convert then ....go and listen to it again...right now !!

Thanks Doug, this was a fucking amazing post!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Moon Curse - Spirit Remains

Moon Curse come stomping into the cosmos with their
first full length on Kozmik Artifactz.

The five song album clocks in at almost fifty minutes of skull crushing 
heavy grooves and guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods 
when played at volume.

With clean vocals dripping in reverb throughout, these dudes play 
intricate passages that mange to keep your attention from wandering. Big 
hypnotic grooves give you a trip into the more psychedelic realms of doom
by riffing to an almost mantra like refrain that lodges deep into your cortex
fluids on a primal level to make your body slowly jerk and move to the
primitive and shamanistic tunes that have clearly been spawned by unclean
thoughts and in-pure impulses to damage people with slow, fuzzed
guitars and low-end tuning.

Monolithic is a phrase sometimes overused in this genre but I will make
an exception for Moon Curse. Huge sounding with killer refrains give this
band a massive edge over other bands within this genre. Wah fuzzed solos
fry your brains and scream through the air - this album will surely take some
 beating for pure doom and riffage this year.

Thanks to Kozmik Artifactz for sending me the promo.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Bersærk - Mulm

Bersærk take the stoner template and stomp all over it with
a hardcore attitude giving you 9 tracks that start off fast and
furious and that do not stop until the end.

Hailing from Denmark, this has had the same effect on me when 
I first heard Kvelertak - jumping up and down with a stupid grin on 
my face.

This is dirty fucked up rock'n'roll at its best - Bersærk keep
the riffs rolling along at white knuckle speed, economical
solos stop anything getting too overblown or long, besides
they ain't got time for pointless fretboard wanking 'cause
here comes the next song, come on people, fucking jump
on board this express train of stomping rock, Bersærk
want to show you how this sort of thing should be done - 
in a genre that can be very boring in the wrong hands, this
album is a breath of fresh air."

Grime Studio Update

Justin Curtsinger from the mighty band ZUD  is heavily involved with 
Grime Studios. If you are in the area or just wish to help a great cause, 
read below.

To all friends and supporters of Grime Studios,

While there has been a bit less online presence for the past month or two (from me at least), there have been a LOT of things going on behind the scenes with Grime.

First off, a donor who requested to remain anonymous, privately threw in $5000 towards the cause a few weeks ago (note that it does not appear on the current gofundme page).

Though this donor did indeed request to remain anonymous, one thing I will say about this guy is that though he has never been to Portland or even to Maine, he clearly recognizes that the ripple effects of Grime opening and doing it's thing, go way beyond our cute little city up here. No one knows what bands will be born at Grime over the next 20 years, but when considering the current roster of bands which are stuffed into the temporary Phase Zero rooms, not to mention those who were at the old building (both as Grime and even back through the "Prime days"), the possibilities are pretty infinite.

This donation has been floating the built out along, but make no mistake, this thing is not over. With this recent donation coupled with what has been raised on the gofundme page (linked below) Grime is still about $18k short of finishing construction and getting it's occupancy permit for the 20 new rooms which are being built. This is a LOT of money, but I want to remind anyone who may look at that number and skeptically roll their eyes how much less it is than $150k, which was the original goal a year ago. Over $110k has been raised since last October, mostly via means which do not include crowd funding.

I don't think that it's much of a secret that I do not believe these online fundraising things are very effective towards anything that does not include either alcohol, sex or some joke that happens to go viral and probably has something to do with some celebrity, but..... this thing is so close that it is at a point where every little bit REALLY DOES COUNT. (currently redirects to the gofundme page)

Anyone with questions is always welcome to get in touch. Thanks to everyone who has supported and believed in this project, from the beginning and those who jumped on along the way. It has been a wild ride, through all kinds of turbulence, times of uncertainty and almost downright hopelessness, but this thing is almost clear for a safe landing. From that point on, things are looking pretty bright. The waiting list of bands waiting for the rooms to be finished is more than 50 deep and the landlord of the building continues to show a huge amount of enthusiasm towards the project and it's long term effects. For those who truly believe that Portland, Maine should have more to be proud of than it's restaurants and micro breweries Grime is what will turn this place into a real music town. But, without a place to rehearse, there is nothing to bring to a stage or to record later.

Please support and thank you.

Justin Curtsinger

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Doom Charts - November

And here we are again - a chance for a motley collection of bloggers
and writers to tell you which Doom/Stoner albums you should be
freaking out to.

Read our words of wisdom here - Doom Charts

Friday, 30 October 2015

Swamp Ritual - Ritual Rising

Oh yes indeedy - Swamp Ritual have delivered a thick, sonic brew
of stoner and doom which goes down a fucking treat. 

With riffs so catchy and groove-ridden that you want to start 
nodding instantly, the heaviness of the music makes sure that you do 
not forget the feeling of pervading creepiness that seeps through the songs. 

The clean vocals ensure the lyrics of the occult, drug worship and horror 
movies are heard and play an important part in establishing the 
atmospherics of this great album. Fuzz spreads its presence throughout 
(which of course is a good thing!) and combined with the general powerful 
and dark tones which the riffs are cranking out, make the tracks epic, 
majestic and crushing. 

Lead guitar is suitable distorted and has a psychedelic, stoned sound 
which just kills me. Mid-paced songs sit alongside slow burning prayers 
of destruction and due to the track order and song compositions, make
this a highly recommended album.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Tyranny Is Tyranny - The Rise Of Disaster Capitalism

And for my first post of my return, I can only start with a band
who have proved themselves to be a mainstay in my musical
landscape - Tyranny Is Tyranny.

Noise Rock as a political weapon and raising awareness while
rocking like a bastard has always been the main thrust of this
band of trouble makers and I am glad to see that time has not
diluted their aim.

Because I am an old bastard, I was raised on punk bands talking
about social change, personal politics, government policies etc
and can only be amazed at how the climate today, so ripe for
protest, seems to have a very small impact on the song writers
that inhabit this underground world where our music lives.

Tyranny Is Tyranny have gone beyond Am/Rep comparisons
and have really found their own sound with this album. Sure,
we still have the loud/quiet passages with plenty of throbbing bass but
now the guys have upped the dynamics to include picked guitar
breakdowns, guttural yelps to crooned menaced threats, bursts of drone
and the master stroke of muted trumpet which adds an air of loneliness and
loss to the atmospherics.

At the risk of sounding like a worn out record, another release from
Tyranny Is Tyranny, another contender for noise rock album of the year.

And because they are good guys, it is name your price from Bandcamp.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Back from the dead.

After wandering the wilderness for over a year, I have finally 
passed enough levels at my hospital to be able to move up to the 
lofty position of Rehabilitation Assistant which means not only do 
I get to lay my hands on the crippled and lame and cure them, more 
importantly I am not doing fucking 12 hour shifts at weekends,
nights, public holidays etc but am returning to the more normal  
pattern of 8-4.00pm, Mon to Friday.

This means that I can again help you, the little people, 
in deciding which music you should be listening to.

I would like to thank the very generous Joop at
Stoner HiVe for letting me post my occasional rants about the
various albums that have kept me me going over the last year.
Check his site out - very generous reviews with a nice skewed
humour - very unlike my drunken, sweary shouty drivel!

And a hello to Lucas at You May Be Dead And Dreaming
who encouraged me to keep on blogging.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Real Cool Time ........ end of transmission.

And so, my faithful download monkeys, it is time for me to depart.

I have had a real cool time and achieved everything I set out to do
but lately it has become a chore thinking about reviews and listening
to prospective new music that has been sent to me. 

With so much great music coming out every day, I just wanna listen
to new shit and groove out to the sounds and jump up and down
and bang my head without thinking about how I will write about it.

I have 2 music collaborations coming and some more Zeppheroin ideas
floating around and want to put my passion into making my own
awesome music instead of commenting on someone else's. 

But dry your tears dear readers, I will still be guiding your musical tastes for
I am joining the wonderful and head banging freek, Joop at Stoner HiVe
as a guest reviewer for the few albums that still inspire me and each month
on BIL I will give a brief rundown on what will make your life better.

Big thanks and kisses to Doug E Dogg and Matthieu WetFox Blog
for helping out with words and reviews for me. Often bewildering,
funny, informative or plain wrong, these dudes added to the rich tapestry of
your reading enjoyment.

A big shout out to my blog brothers:
Joop at Stoner HiVe
Steve at Sludgelord
Artus at Archiv Hate
Lucas at Paranoid Hitsophrenic

Many glasses of strong drinks to be raised to the guys
who started me off with words of encouragement and more
importantly exposed me to music that I would never otherwise of heard:

Joel and Luke - you fucking guys rule!

Most thanks to anyone who read my words of drivel over the years -
I would like to thank each and every one of you but probably
cannot be bothered.


I will leave you with these last words of wisdom:

I am right and you are wrong.