Saturday, 12 November 2016

New blog

As you have no doubtless observed, my posts have dried up again.

Why? ...... life I suppose.

I will write the occasional review for other blogs but am
concentrating on my photography for a while.

dead dreams and feedback

Give it a look if you can be bothered!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Slow posts

Posts have slowed down this month
due to work but mainly.............

normal service to be resumed.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Serpent – Nekromant

There is a freshness and urgency to Serpent that makes this 
album sound like a classic already. Proto-metal riffs jostle with 
Stoner Blues headbanging tunes which have been dipped in the 
potent brew that is early Sabbath. 

There is no dicking around here – with a plug in, turn up and play 
attitude, the sound is heavy, dense but with an uplifting feeling of 
fist-pumping joy. The unstoppable groove monster these Swedes are 
playing just make me realise that sometimes all I want to do is hear 
some heavy rock played with power and epic tunes. With the growing 
success of Graveyard and Kadavar slowly spreading, it would be an 
injustice if this album does not get the recognition it deserves.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pristine - Reboot

Hey you, yeah, you reading this now. You look like the kinda
person who likes up-tempo tunes performed by a modern beat-combo.
Are you wandering around sad and desperate because there is no
new album from Electric Citizen or The Blues Pills? 

Do ya dig heavy blues with a Stoner attitude?
Sung by a female fury full of passion and brimstone?
Do you like screaming guitar solos?
Pounding rhythm sections?
Tasteful use of a mouth organ?
Swirly Hammond organ breaks?
 Do ya like to bang your head in time to stomping tunes?
Howzabout psychedelic sections?
Epic soulful songs that start wistful and end heavy?
Whattabout kicking melodies combined with power?

If you have answered yes to all of the above, you need to hear
the Pristine album.

If you answered yes to a lot of the above, you need to hear
the Pristine album.

If you hate all the above and only listen to downtuned, bleak doom
filth sludge drone metal, you need to hear the Pristine album………
 go on, I won’t tell anyone!

Pristine Site

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Love Sex Machine - Asexual Anger

With their last album coming out in 2012, Love Sex Machine 
play sludge and then stomp over everything with rage and 

This is wildly ferocious stuff which is de-tuned to make
your guts throb in time to the beats. The vocal howls
are buried deep in the mix which add to the dark heavy
atmosphere created by the sonic hurricane of power.

The core of their sound hasn't changed : gut-punching guitars, 
irresistible slow and chuggy riffs that create an apocalyptic wall of 
sound only pierced by hellish shrieks. I am not sure what they put in 
the water over in France but this album is a fine addition to the 
group of bands already killing innocent bystanders.  

Thick and dense, this pummels your speakers from 
start to finish. This is not for the faint-hearted! When the
 end of the world comes, this will be the soundtrack.

Thanks to Geraud and Lost Pilgrims Records for the promo.

Monday, 1 February 2016


Guest Writer Doug E Dogg

Mr Maim occasionally attaches a very brief note to some of 
the new albums he sends me, mainly to give me some reassurance
 it isn't a "window chucker" ! This phrase arose from some 
albums he did for me many years ago which, when I gave 
him my thoughts on them, stated that my finger was hovering 
over the electric window switch in readiness to hurl the soon 
to be ejected cd from my car ! This very fine album was in 
no danger of this fate from the moment it started 
blaring out of the speakers.

Tony's note read... " what if The Runaways had formed today, 
raised on stoner bands ?" so often he was absolutely 
spot on ! They are a 3 piece from Spain with Mireia on guitar and 
vocals, Elena on bass and vocals and Lluis on drums. The vocals 
having that certain desperate throat ripping Joan Jett-ishness to 
them...a good thing in my book. This threesome make a very fine
 racket throughout with shitloads of other influences thrown in 
for good measure....Hole, Babes In Toyland, L7, Girlschool and 

The Lunachicks come to mind. Tracks range from full on foot 
stompers with a fuzzed up metal glam feel, to those containing 
moments of incredibly oppressive heaviness, to numbers that 
either lurch suddenly into full gear almost taking you by surprise 
by their brutality and change of pace or ones that slowly build to 
a crescendo that makes you reach for the repeat play button as the
 track fades out.

The best example of the latter is the breathtakingly 
atmospheric "Ligeia" which is probably my favourite new track of 2015. 
The musicianship and production are first class throughout and 
I keenly look forward to hearing any future offerings.

To get some idea what I'm blabbering on about  
I urge you to check out the whole album...NOW !

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Black Tusk - Pillars Of Ash

Black Tusk are back after the tragic events of 2014 and 
have returned to play some heavy based sludge punk with 
some elements of metal thrown in to make sure you are not 
getting too comfortable.

The tracks are primitive monsters, light on solos but fucking heavy
on the riffs. If early Discharge covering High On Fire
floats ya boat, keep on reading this.

The sonic production is awesome - thick, aggressive and full of
low-end battering to shake your pretty little eardrums to bits.
Fuzzed guitars have the distortion dial on 11 but never so far 
up in the mix that the bass and drums get lost.

With song titles like "Born Of Strife" and "Bleed On Your 
Knees", you need a vocalist who sounds like a rabid dingo
tearing at the corpse of clean singing while drinking moonshine
 lager mixed with the dregs of a hundred used bongs - and guess
what - they have!

Black Tusk are back and stronger than ever. 

This is the good stuff - get it now.

Thanks to Relapse Records for promo copy.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Guest writer - Doug E Dogg

This is quite frankly fucking awesome !!.....a 4 piece...
from the Midlands of the UK....very hairy.....vocals, guitar bass and drums
.....massively heavy and doom sounds like I'm describing 
Sabbath doesn't it ?...but No. Fair enough, there are more than the usual 
amount of comparisons to be drawn but with this genre of music if there 
aren't some then it wouldn't be properly heavy would it ? Its plain to the 
listener that this band love early Sabbath and also have Electric Wizards' 
"Dopethrone" on repeat play in the tour bus....and also have an 
appreciation of Hawkwind circa '71 to '73....I'll explain that shortly.

Lets have a look at the 4 great tracks they have created for our 
head nodding entertainment...

1. Retronauts - 8 minutes of the very highest quality doom space 
stoner containing massively enjoyable riffs that just burrow 
into your brain and refuse to get out again ! Having been listening 
predominately to Lemmy's output from the late 60's to date for the 
last week or so, this track has a certain Hawkwind-ish feel to it 
with the big repetitive riff, vocal phrasing and overall driving 
sound not dissimilar to the long sprawling live tracks on the Space
 Ritual album from '73. Absolutely fact if this track 
was just extended by say, half an hour, I'd be even happier !

2. The Ultra Wizards - as it starts it appears to be a slightly more 
upbeat number being more stoner than doom but then halfway 
through a mega heavy doom riff is introduced which takes it down
 into a very dark place indeed. Mmmmm !!

3. Witchrider - This has the pacing and feel of Sabs "Fairies Wear 
Boots" and bowls along like some unstoppable force, all the time 
seemingly picking up speed and getting nastier the longer it goes 
on. A brisker than usual take on doom...apologies for the constant 
Sabs references but I like classic old Sabbath very much and view 
such comparisons as a complement rather than anything derogatory 
when the band concerned have produced something so good.

4. Damavand - Ahhh...16 minutes....that's more like it.....Nice 
gentle intro gives way to a brutal all instrument assault which 
could be used as a soundtrack to a film about a medieval siege where 
the attackers have a massive battering ram with which they are trying
 to get into a castle ! The early riff most satisfyingly morphs into 
the stuff of dreams then all of a sudden we have an atmospheric
 eerie section to get our collective breath back before it all starts up 
again before finally fading out with whining feedback ringing in 
our ears......Phew !
I suspect the recording studio floor after tracks 1 and 4 were 
completed was covered in shredded plectrums, lumps of finger 
tip flesh, blood, pieces of fractured cymbals, broken drumsticks
 and discarded drum skins !!

I just have one minor quibble....its only 36 minutes long......

The Ones I Missed

Up in Maim Towers, I get sent a lot of stuff to listen to.

And hey, some top notch albums came after I had
compiled my life-changing and indeed, mind-
altering Best of 2015 list. Below are albums that
should of been way up near the top.

Serpent - Nekromant

Pigs - Wronger

Egypt - Endless Flight

Yuri Gagarin - At The Centre Of All Infinity