Friday, 20 January 2012

Gong - Camembert Electrique (1971)

This was going to be about Gong, and this, the
first album in the "Radio Gnome" trilogy but with
the closure of Megaupload I feel a few words are
in order to placate my faithful download monkeys.

Seeing some blogs with all links on MU having to
re-up or in some cases start again, all mine are on
Mediafire - can that be far behind?

I have already been fucked over by Rapidshare when
they lost my files and do not really fancy going down that
route again. Music blogs will surely be among the up
coming shit storm.

If I get taken down, I will stick with the same title - in
whatever format it will be in, look for Black Insect Laughter V2.

Anyway, the Gong album is one of their best, jazz-space rock
with the Canterbury vibe going on.

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