Tuesday, 10 December 2013

POles - Marmyteran

Yet another instrumental math-rock album? This genre seems
to be treading water now with cut’n’paste bands springing up
everywhere with little riffs played over and over, thinking
that without a vocalist, they are breaking new ground!

Well thank fuck for POles! This sounds fresh and vibrant with an
urgency that demands to be listened to. Of course there are light and
dark shades within the song arrangements but there is also an epic
feel to the tracks. When the intricate parts start to explode into bigger
riffs, the guitars stomp on fuzz boxes with gusto and a heaviness
that demands you start to jump up and down.

Like the demented offspring of Don Caballero and Pelican,
Zvoov have plainly showed how to find their own voice. If anyone

you know has any interest in math-rock, point ‘em this way!

Thanks to Bruno from the band for sending this.

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